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Realm of the Undead (Realm_of_the_Undead_walkthrough_c64.txt)

Realm of the Undead
Walkthrough by Alex Dijkstra for the c64

E, GET LANTERN (You can now see the objects in the rooms), W, N, E, E, GET SWORD, S, E, LISTEN (You
hear someone moaning), MOVE ROCK (You free the wizard and he gives you his wand), W, N, W, W, W, GET
ARMOUR, N, W, KILL ZOMBIE (with sword. you can't do this if you carry the magnet), DROP SWORD,
READ NEWSPAPER (hint about statue), E, E, N, E, S, E, GET CRUCIFIX, W, N, N, E, OPEN COFFIN (A
vampire attacks but you are saved by the crucifix and the armour. You find a magnet),DROP ARMOUR,
DROP CRUCIFIX, GET MAGNET, W, S, W, S, S, S, S, W, TOUCH STATUE (with wand. A secret passage opens.
If you go West and try to take the key you fall through a trapdoor but the magnet makes the key
float towards you), E, N, OPEN (You open the door wit a key). 

You have escaped.

-You have 1000 turns before you are killed by a ghost.
-You can use the magic rope to escape the pit, but this is not needed.
-The game contains three more rooms west of the starting location, but they can't be reached
while paying the game. One of them contains a shovel and if you use it to dig you open a passage. It
seems that they were intended to be the starting rooms for the game but for some reason they later
have been omitted.