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Classic Cave Adventure (Classic-Cave-Adventure-solution.txt)

Solution for the Commodore 64 text adventure "Classic Cave Adventure" by 
Matthew Hall.

In the below walkthrough, notes are in round brackets and commands in square 
brackets are optional but generally informative.

Text walkthrough:- 
(You start in a large cave) 
s, w, s (cavern), get crowbar, w, w, get torch, [exa torch], e, e, n (*note 1), 
e, n (large cave), w, n, w (dead end), get axe, e, s, e (large cave), n, n, e, 
n, w (rocky cavern), move rock, w, get dynamite, e, e, s, w, s, s (large cave), 
e, e (bright, dusty cave), move boulder, e, get shovel, w, s, e, s, e (rocky 
cave), throw dynamite, e (outside), e, get rabbit, w, s, w (by a fox den), 
give rabbit, [get matches], s, e, e, e (clearing), chop tree, [exa log], 
burn log, get canoe, w, w, w, w (in a river), s, s, go island, dig, get shoes, 
wear shoes, go river, n, n, e, n, e, n (outside), w, w, n, w, n, w, 
w (large cave), n, n, w, w (You can see around you: treasure - Well Done!!)

*note 1:- You should see the message "You hear a huge bang.The cave shakes" 
appear round about now. It is triggered after the tenth turn. This event is 
needed to enter the location "In a huge room" without instantly getting killed 
by "Bruce" the NPC. 

There is a bug with the "wait" command where it actually waits two turns 
instead of one. This can cause the "cave shakes" event to be skipped 
altogether, making the game impossible to complete. So it’s best to avoid using 
the "wait" command before this event occurs. In fact it is not needed to 
complete the game anyway.

The matches are not actually needed to burn the log. Although the player may 
have the torch, its description on examination reads “It is a pen torch,already 
lit". As a pen torch is not a combustible torch, this means the player can burn 
the log without being in possession of an obvious item that can start a fire.

On attempting to move the boulder without the crowbar, the intended response 
"You strain but it doesn't budge" is never shown. This can be fixed by changing 
ol(7)=1 to ol(7)=l on line 790.

In location "by a large hole", you do not need to wear the shoes to avoid 
falling down the hole, simply having them in your possession is enough. However 
only when the shoes are worn will you see the message "The oversised shoes stop 
you from falling down!" (sic).

In "rocky cave", "throw dynamite" blows the wall into rubble (needed to escape 
the caves), but there is no wall object present nor mentioned in the room 

benkid77 - 21 April 2021