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In Search of the Yeti (In_Search_of_the_Yeti_solution.txt)

                              Walkthrough for

                           In Searcht of the Yeti
                    Part of the Rediscovered Realms Series

                             by Paul Jenkinson

                           Written by Richard Bos

  First, a few notes. 
  To begin with, this game is part of a series of four in which Paul Jenkinson
rewrote some of the projects of his tender youth (*ahem* - as far as I can 
tell, he's only a year or two older than I am). Those games were written in 
Basic, and although this version isn't, it bears the evidence of its heritage. 
  Therefore, technically the program is somewhat restrictive. Spaces are 
important: where "get rock" is acceptable, "get  rock" is not. On the up-side, 
words *can* be abbreviated; I haven't discovered to what extent, though. 
Diagonal directions do not exist - ironically, because in the accompanying PDF
Paul says that the original had too many of them.
  On the design side, it's a child of its time, but not necessarily a bad one.
The atmosphere is consistent,and there are a few sights to see, though not as
many as in a non-Basic game. The 42-column text looks better than most.
  Finally, since this is a walkthrough, spoilers are rife below. I'm not taking
you past every single clue and sight - in fact, I'm not taking you past any
except those which happen to be on our route. Also, if you find yourself 
wondering why you're doing all this, the PDF that comes with the games has some
background information.

  And now we have a damsel to rescue.

E, e, get gun, w, get matches, n, n, e, get axe, w, w, n, get shoes.
S, e, s, s, w x3, n.
Use axe, u, n, n, wear shoes, e, e, get dynamite, w, w, n, get coat.
E, wear coat, e, n, n, e, get rope, w, s, s, w, n, throw rope, u.
Get stick, d, s, e, n, n, e, s, drop dynamite, light match.
S, fire gun, use stick, get stick, use stick, get stick, use stick

  Brutal, but effective.