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Star Wars (Star_Wars.txt)

Star Wars - by Steve Preston (SP Enterprises, 1984)

Spectrum 48k

Walkthrough by Juan Duc

W, N, S, Look, E, N, E, N, Hide, Take key, Look, Examine mountain, Pull 
handle, Unlock door, With rusty key, Examine stalagmite, Take stalagmite, 
E, Open door, Look (don't open chest, OB1 Kenobi will kill you if you do 
it!), Open door, N, N, N, Look, Say~hello~ (you need to write it exactly 
like that, without spaces and using the Spectrum symbols which are found 
under letter A as quotation marks, otherwise the program will not 
recognize you are saying something; when you do it right Han Solo will 
approach and give you the number), N , 5, Board ship, Green, Follow 
fighter, Shoot fighter, Call guards, Kill guards, Leave ship, N, Look, 
Wait, N, Enter lift, Enter room, Look, 4, Take box, I, Examine key, N, 8, 
Take key, Read paper, S, 1, Take key, S, 2, Take key, S, 9, S, S, S, S, S, 
Enter ship


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