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Toddler Trouble

Zenobi Software info 1996

Jonathan Scott info, Stephen Boyd
1: For Pete's Sake, 2: Labour Pains, 3: Toddler Trouble
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dave, Simon, Sudders



Kevin, Julia Briefs precious toddler, followed her into the Ante-Natal Clinic on the 'Zikov Kiddie-Leash' that she had recently invested in. Not only would it keep him at arms' length, but it would stop him from straying. Julia was settling her account from two years prior to that date. Recently she had - for a second time - left her husband, Pete, since he had returned to his incorrigible habits. She was, therefore, forced to work seven part-time jobs in order to repay her debt. She was not particularly devoted to Pete by that stage.

"I have a cheque for £2,500 here to pay for ante-natal fees from 1994," Julia told Nurse Aphrodite, now employed by Kissing Private Health.

"Eh?" said the nurse, "Bit late, ain't it, Mrs. Grief?" Julia pointed out that her surname was Brief and Aphrodite continued, "Okay, that's fare 'nuff, but be a bit quicker next time."

"Sorry, Aph. I only had two years of scrimping and saving," she told her amnesiac friend who seemed to have not only forgotten how to zip up her uniform (it was the wrong way round too), but also Julia.

While Julia was pondering her friend's sorry state, her cheeky lad had gnawed through the leash. "That's what Calcium Supplements does to kids' teeth," remarked the bouncer who stood at the door. "There's no substitute for good old breast milk." Julia tended to agree, but by the time that she realised exactly what the heck the bouncer had been talking about, her son had rushed past the bouncer, making a raspberry sound on his way,

Julia ground her teeth as she saw Kevin disappear out the door with the red 'neverending' lollipop that she had given him to shut his gob. Nothing for it but to find him! Julia had known from the very first moment she had laid eyes on Kevin (in the Maternity Ward of Kissing General Hospital in the Summer of 1994) that he would doubtlessly give her no end of... TODDLER TROUBLE


This game - a Brief Tale - is a sequel to For Pete's Sake and Labour Pains and, though there is no need to have played the previous games beforehand, it may actually help.

Toddler Trouble consists of two parts, the second of which is accessed by a password provided at the end of the first.

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