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White Cliffs of Dover, The

Salamander Software 1984

Pete Lucas
BASIC info
Dragon 32/64 info
Spy/secret agent, War
1: Wings of War, 2: White Cliffs of Dover, The
Entered by:
Alastair, Strident



Having obtained the required items and made your escape from the ch√Ęteau in the Wings of War, you must now escape occupied France and return to Blighty.


It was thought that Salamander Software ceased trading before they could release this game, but it is possible that in their final few days Salamander sold some copies by mail order. At the time of writing one version of the game is known to exist. This version has been described as a pre-release version because it lacks several programming tricks that Salamander used at that time on their released programs, however it could be that this version is the mail order version with the lack of the usual programming tricks explained by the desperate state of Salamander at that time. There are some problems with running this version, the first section of both the hints and solution files (available below) contains instructions that should help anyone to run the game. How close this version is to the original vision of the final product is not known. Mike Gerrard, writing in Dragon User at the time, mentioned that his review copy was unplayable due to an 'out of memory' error. In a later issue (July 1986), Mike records that one of the magazine's readers used to be a tester for Salamander and still had a copy of the game.

If the game had been released in full then the packaging might have cleared up a mystery - at the end of Wings of War you escape with six items, these items are not mentioned in The White Cliffs of Dover even though they are the reason for your mission. Perhaps in the time-frame between the two games you rendezvoused with a Lysander, the aeroplane having enough space to take the items but not you as well, leaving you to make your own way back home.

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Gunness (08-08-2012 11:24)

Terrific that you managed to find a working version, Alastair!