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Star Trek - The Adventure

Detlef Ackermann ?

Detlef Ackermann
GAC info
C64/128 info
Based on film/TV/radio, Science fiction
Entered by:
Alex, Gunness, Mousey



The game is inspired by the movie "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock".


This seems to be a demo or early work-in-progress game, as you appear to be unable to actually do anything other than move between 3 locations. Nothing can be examined and there are no objects or puzzles.

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User Comments

Alex (14-12-2021 13:48)

The game has more than 3 locations. Pity it isn't playable. I've uploaded a few screenshots of some of the other locations and a map. It seems you play Admiral Kirk and have to destroy the USS Enterprise. You have to do something in the computer room and then escape using the shuttle before the spaceship explodes.

Alex (15-12-2021 20:44)

I gave a closer look to the code using grackle and noticed that all the puzzles where included only the verbs, nouns objects and adverbs where missing (erased by someone). However reading the messages and puzzles I was able to reconstruct all the missing words and today I have written a fully playable version of the game in GAC unfortunately without the graphics because I don’t know how to export or import them. I think for 95% the reconstruction is accurate. I did had to guess one command. The game code had some bugs which I have corrected.

I will do some more testing and then I will upload the fixed game including screenshots of all the rooms (20) as you do need the screenshots to notice some of the objects. If there is anyone who can add the graphics please let me know.

Strident (15-12-2021 21:41)

Very cool. I'll ask around. I could do it with the PAW but I don't think it's straightforward with the GAC... and I'm useless with a C64 anyway.

Alex (16-12-2021 12:33)

Ok I've uploaded the fixed version. At last the game can be played and solved. For now I've included screenshots until someone manages to add the graphics to the game. The GAC raw data file from this fixed version is available for anyone who can do this.