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SONGTAN: The Next Morning

Loren Scott 1989

Loren Scott
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True story
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This text adventure game is based on a TRUE story. Not about one specific guy, but about the general nature of things as they occurred in Songtan City (pronounced SONG-tahn), just outside the main gate of Osan Air Base in modern-day Korea.

The author of this game (namely, myself) was stationed at Osan Air Base for a total of three years between 1984 and 1989. The humor of everyday life in the "ville" inspired me to write this game.

In "SONGTAN: The Next Morning", you play the role of a GI stationed at Osan Air Base. The previous night, you had gone home with a Korean club girl you just met in one of Songtan's many night clubs. Of course, last night the girl looked HOT. Mmmmm, baby! But, you were pretty boozed up, and can't remember much else about last night.

At any rate... this morning you roll over in her bed to find that she looks more like the doorman at the gates of Hell than the Goddess of Love.

Your mission is to sneak out of her place and get back to your dorm room on the base before she wakes up and catches you. If she does, you'll end up being suckered into marrying this beast of a quasi-humanoid and having a batch of screaming kids which, by the way, will all be just as ugly as their mother.

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