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Journey to the Earth's Core

Robert Wayne Atkins info 1988

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While cleaning out an old dusty trunk in your Grandfather's attic, you discover a diary written by a man named Wendorf MacMillan. The entry dated April 3, 1857 tells where a small gold mine is located in the Rocky Mountains.

In the entries that follow, Wendorf tells about a series of underground caves he discovered while digging in his mine. Vividly, he describes his Journey to the Earth's Core. The path is laden with danger and with great riches, including fistfuls of diamonds at the Earth's Core.

After carefully weighing all the risks, you decide to make the Journey to the Earth's Core.

You will start your journey at a small store in the Rocky Mountains. You have $1,000 to spend on supplies. The store carries a variety of items, such as ropes, weapons, and tools. You should buy what you think you will need to complete the entire journey. When you leave the store, you will find yourself at the bottom of the tall mountain described in Wendorf's diary. Your first objective will be to find the entrance to Wendorf's Gold Mine.


The game can be downloaded from an archived copy of the author's website.

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