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Strange Affair, A

Chronosoft 2022

Jonathan Cauldwell
Spectrum, ZX81
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In this adventure you find yourself in your recently-deceased great uncle's house, to tidy up his affairs and collect his possessions.

Unfortunately it quickly becomes apparent that something is very wrong in the house and that your relative's affairs were not as simple as first thought. Could it be connected with the mysterious disappearance of his wife, many years previously?


A homage to early ZX81 games such as the Artic adventures; as such it runs in 16K on both the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.

Released commercially in a physical edition by Chronosoft.

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User Comments

Kozelek (14-03-2022 22:23)

A text adventure by Jonathan Cauldwell, the author of the "Egghead" series and Arcade Game Designer? And no comment whatsoever in World of Spectrum or Spectrum Computing! I'd love to try this one, but Chronosoft only sells the digital edition with the physical cassette, and they don't ship to Spain...

Strident (14-03-2022 23:09)

It's been mentioned on the SC forums. I don't think it's been deliberately ignored over there (not sure about the other site) but Jonathan isn't currently looking to engage with the wider Spectrum community after some issues in the past. Sadly, real issues with packages getting stuck/being bounced back by customs (and VAT red-tape) is restricting where UK-based physical game manufacturers will ship.