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Games - Real-time (94 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Ça Va Peter Zorglub! Amstrad Magazine info, Laser Presse 1988 French Solution, Map
African Safari Interdisc 1984 English Solution, Hints
Ashkeron! Mirrorsoft 1985 English Solution, Map, Hints
Attentat Rainbow Production 1986 French Solution
Babó, A Maori Stúdió 1997 Hungarian Solution
Bête du Gévaudan, La C.I.L. info 1985 French Solution
Border Zone Infocom info 1987 English Solution
Breakers Brøderbund, Synapse Software info 1986 English Solution
Brimstone: The Dream of Gawain Brøderbund, Synapse Software info 1985 English Solution
Cairo Connection, The Logyk Software 1993 English Solution, Map, Hints
Casa, La Load 'n' Run info 1988 Italian Solution, Map
Castle of Fear Acorn Programs, Computing With the Amstrad, Database Publications, Micro User, The 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints, Fixed game
Crack of Doom, The Addison-Wesley Publishers info 1989 English Map
Crawling Horror, The Year Zero Software 1990 Spanish
Crown of Mardan MP Software 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Dark Dungeons, The Anirog 1983 English Map
Death House ? ? English
Death Satellite Grandstand Leisure 1984 English Solution, Map
Dondra: A New Beginning Miles Computing 1987 English Solution, Map
Double Agent Tartan Software info 1987 English Solution
Dungeons, The Anirog 1983 English Solution, Map
Enigma de Aceps, El Ace Software 1987 Spanish
Essex Brøderbund, Synapse Software info 1985 English Solution
Eureka! DoMark 1984 German
Eureka! DoMark 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Eureka! DoMark 1984 French
Famous Five, The Commodore Format, Enigma Variations 1990 English Solution, Map
For Love Sinclair Programs info 1984 English
Fuego Carlos Gomez info 2008 Spanish
Gefangen im All ? ? German
Gordello Incident, The Tartan Software info 1989 English
Gordello's Demise Tartan Software info 1990 English
Gorm Archimedes World 1994 English Map
Great Peepingham Train Robbery, The Axxent Software 1989 English Solution, Hints
Hacker 2000 Micrograf 1984 English
Hideous, The Year Zero Software 1992 Spanish
Hired to Kill Tom Powell 1992 English
Hobbit, The Melbourne House 1982 English Solution, Map, Hints, Clue sheet
Horror Hotel Personal Computer Magazine info 1988 Dutch Solution, Map
House, The Advanced Adventure Creations 1991 Spanish Solution, Map
Hummer House of Horror Lasersound 1983 English Solution, Map
Jack the Ripper CRL Group 1987 English Solution, Map, Hints
Journey, The Temptation Software 1985 English Solution, Map
Juxtaposition - Barons of Ceti V Wintersoft 1985 English Solution, Map, Hints
Keys of the Wizard Microdeal, Spectral Associates 1983 English
Khurdian Iceberg Software 1993 Spanish
King's Quest, The Simon Hargrave info 1987 English
Kwah? Melbourne House 1986 English Hints
Land of Illusion Chymesoft info, Tansoft info 1984 English Solution, Map
Leotrope Graham Burtenshaw 1990 English Solution, Map