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27-10-2002 (Gunness)

It's fall already - so it's time to go indoors and boot up a few oldies. Thanks to all contributors for the new solutions. The links and emulator pages have been updated. This update has been on its way quite a bit longer than anticipated, so thanks for being patient! Contributors: Sherwin Robb, terri, Stefano, Kim Stevens

05-08-2002 (Gunness)

I'm just home for a couple of days during my vacation; heading for Tuscany tomorrow. So I don't really have the time for this update, but since I've promised more frequent additions to the site, I thought I'd better keep my promise! Terri Sheehan seems to be on a roll, so here's a couple more solutions from her hand. Until next time (shouldn't be too long!) Contributors: Amby, terri, Marky Boy, Stefano

26-07-2002 (Gunness)

Another small update. The weather is excellent, and nobody seems to be very interested in adventuring at the moment anyway, so I thought I'd wait with the large updates till later! Contributors: Amby, E. Yoong, terri, Marky Boy, Stefano, W. Doherty, Jack Lockerby, john50

06-07-2002 (Gunness)

I'm wondering... for a long time, the number of site visitors was quite stable. Then I started doing more frequent updates, after which that number plummeted. I hope it can be ascribed to summer and the World Cup. Perhaps I should try shutting down entirely to see my counter sky rocket (hehe). Thanks to today's providers. More is on its way. Contributors: E. Yoong, Marky Boy, W. Doherty, Jack Lockerby, swobi, john50

25-06-2002 (Gunness)

Well, I managed to cram in a small update before I leave. But no more until Monday, then! :o) Contributors: swobi

24-06-2002 (Gunness)

Four new manuals are up for grabs this time. I hope you like the format. I realise that the files are larger than with pure text or html, but I think they look a lot nicer, too. I'm leaving for the annual Roskilde music festival on Wednesday, but I'll return next Monday, if anyone wants to get in touch! Contributors: terri

19-06-2002 (Gunness)

Contributors: terri, Stefano

17-06-2002 (Gunness)

New maps: Bestiary (sent by Stefano Lorenzin), Rambo: First Blood Part II (made by SL) Contributors: Stefano

16-06-2002 (Gunness)

Small update: fixed an embarrasing amount of broken links on both mirrors Contributors: TJBAD, Mark, Stefano, Chris Thompson

15-06-2002 (Gunness)

I've returned from my 3 month hiatus. There's a lot of new material coming up, and now I've finally gotten my flatrate connection which should make updating easier and contacting me snappier. I will try to update again very soon. I haven't forgotten anyone who has written. The emulators section has been updated, as has the links page. The pages have been split up to improve the loading. In addition, I've added a new manuals section where I will add original package material. This section will focus on quality over quantity, so don't expect hundreds of text-only files, but rather a few, select pieces with original artwork etc. Check it out here. My age-old review of Rendezvous With Rama triumphantly claimed that a movie was in the works. Well, now it is, but I guess the information was a bit premature at the time of writing since the movie will not open until 2004! Check out the official site for more details. Contributors: Sherwin Robb, TJBAD, Gwyneth Sutton, Stefan Meier, Gunness, Mark, Stefano, David Whyld, Dorothy, Chris Thompson

15-03-2002 (Gunness)

This time the solution count has crossed 600, and the number of maps are at 107 and counting (there used to be more, though). As usual, the update is late, so there's quite a lot of new material this time. In particular: lots of bug fixes thanks to Stefano, two much sough-after solutions for Wonderland, and a really nifty in-your-dreams finale for Castle of Terror! (Thanks to Michael Lambert for the latter - it's been around for quite some time :o) Finally, I've added some links - Stefano's C16/VIC20 deserves more visitors, so please drop by. Next time should see more bug fixes (keep up to good work, Stefano!) and some manuals. Yes, I've been hard at work OCR'ing material. So, until next time... Contributors: B.R. Pell, Sherwin Robb, Ken Hart, Gwyneth Sutton, Stefan Meier, A. Harrison, Gunness, Gregory Quinn, Marky Boy, I. Delafield, Andrew Edney, Stefano, David Whyld, greybeard33, Chris Thompson

05-02-2002 (Gunness)

Just a quick round today - 8 new solutions and some hints. I'll try to update again soon. Thanks to Marky Boy for his scanning efforts! Contributors: B.R. Pell, Ken Hart, Anthony Cleary, Alex, A. Harrison, Gunness, Gregory Quinn, terri, Marky Boy, I. Delafield, Andrew Edney, Dorothy, greybeard33

27-01-2002 (Gunness)

A quick update today - another will follow within a few days. As part of a future port of the site to PHP, I've gone through the entire site, fixing credits, names, spelling etc. As a result, some of the solutions have moved to a new spot, due to the fact that it's been placed under its correct title (e.g. Buckaroo Banzai has become Adventures of BB). The PHP version will include full search capabilities, so please bear with me and the current search "option" (a real joke, I know). The emulators page has been updated. Many of the links were broken, but they should be working again. Instead of offering the actual emulators directly, the links now point to the official download sites, which always carry the latest versions. Contributors: Andrew Harrison, Ken Hart, Duncan Cross, Gregory Quinn, terri, Marky Boy, Stefano, W. Gravelle

05-01-2002 (Gunness)

Happy New Year, everybody! This year kicks off in excellent style - a lot of the "lost" maps are available again, and more are coming soon. In addtion, I have a lot of material to add in the coming months (whoa, this is quite rare!). Today's round of maps are all Infocom, save one. Thanks to all contributors, especially to Marky Boy for doing a lot of work!! I've tried improving the site layout a bit, in particular regarding the index page. Hope you like it! Contributors: Richard Batey, Andrew Harrison, Ken Hart, Duncan Cross, Gregory Quinn, terri, E. Yoong, Marky Boy, Andrew Edney, Stefano, W. Gravelle

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All your life you'd known there was something special about you, that you were extra-ordinary in some way. When you were young you'd chanced to hear unbelievable rumours, and, sometimes, sininster strangers seemed to be watching you. Finally, you found out just what was special about you: you were the rightful heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Hamil. But by then it was too late. You'd been kidnapped...

Years passed, and the rescue you dreamed of failed to materialise. Finally, older and stronger, you escaped and, riding a mighty black stallion, set out to reclaim your throne, travelling for many a day and night, through swamps, jungles and icy wastes across deserts, knowing that for every step forward you took, your enemies would take two...

But luck was with you and, after many days in the saddle, you reached the neighborhood of your Kingdom, Hamil, and took shelter in a primitive chapel, desparately needing a good night's sleep before the next bizarre stage of your journey...

"Perhaps I was fated to come to this particular place", you told the damp walls of the chapel, as sleep, like a black tide, began to sweep over you, and you dreamed again of the legends that said that one day you would return to Hamil to claim your rightful inheritance...

Hamil - A land of sorcery and romance; of strange but loyal beings; of immense fountains; of castles, and a museum filled with bizarre antiquities which only a king could put to use. A land where the powers of darkness always threaten; of ancient and unusual mazes, constructed by powerful wizards in bygone days, waiting to ensnare even the most ingenious explorer. A land of mysterious beasts eager to exterminate you if you stay in the same place too long. Where a mighty vampire haunts underground caves. Where creatures wait, in deep and dismal pits, ready to grab the unwary passer-by. Where ancient spirits in huge rolling cornfields serve long-forgotten deities. Where something is spoken about only in hushed tones, something known only as the 'snark'...


Originally developed on the "Phoenix" IBM mainframe computer at Cambridge University, England in 1982. Renamed "Kingdom of Hamil" and ported to 8-bit platforms by Acornsoft and Topologika using the game assembler of Jonathan G Thackray and David J Seal. The Acornsoft release was 1983, and others were in the late 1980s - Topologika's release for the Amstrad PCW was in 1987, for example.

Apparently at least some of the 8-bit incarnations have been cut down in comparison with the mainframe original.

Ported to Inform using a Perl script written by Graham A Nelson in 1999. Adam J Atkinson assisted with testing and tidying up damage to the original source code. David Kinder updated the Perl script in 2011.

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