Valkyrie 17 - the remake

Once again, the Red Kipper flies at midnight...

Get ready for an adventure fraught with danger! In your quest to track down Valkyrie 17, you've ended up at a hotel at a ski resort. Here, peril lurks behind every corner, and several cunning enemies are hot on your tail. Many things are not what they seem, and you must use your wits to survive long enough to get out of the hotel. If you keep a cool head, perhaps you'll even have the skills to reach that distant castle where your prize awaits.

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Tony Barber, the chap behind the original 1985 adventure game, has updated his game for a modern audience. The new version, running under Windows, retains all the features of the original, and adds a few new tricks, such as a much improved parser and vocabulary and a hint system. Tony has even thrown in a few new puzzles to keep the game fresh. You can read much more about the game in an interview with Tony here.

Download the game (v1.8)(Win32)

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