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16-03-2015 (Gunness)

I haven't had much time for updating lately, and just see what happens when you're absent - the games keep flowing in. Particularly the German ones (thanks, Alex!). I noticed Brief im Dunkeln ("Letter in the Dark"), in which your dad has locked you up in the cellar just because your girlfriend has written you. If there ever was a game that offered a worthwhile challenge, this would be it.
Our German game count now stands at a very decent 489, so 500 seems within reach!

Contributors: Alex, Gunness, ahope1

10-02-2015 (Alastair)

Where to start with this update? The number of new games is almost overwhelming, but there are other goodies in store including a new review. This brings the number of reviews up to fifteen, please check them out if you haven't already done so.

Contributors: Alex, therealdavetaylor, Gunness, ChickenMan, iamaran

22-01-2015 (Gunness)

I always appreciate games that pop up in places where you didn't expect them to. Case in point: Someone went and wrote an adventure game for the Casio CFX9850 calculator. Truth be told I don't know if it's any good, but kudos to whoever got creative. Things have really progressed since Kraftwerk wrote that tune back in 1981! Dave found it while browsing through TOSEC, and I'm sure other interesting titles will show up when we dig deeper.

In further news, ahope1 has updated his files for the Beeb game, Xanadu Adventure, which looks like a real challenge for anyone looking for it.

A special thanks this time around to THayes for submitting links to his YouTube walkthroughs of various classic Sierra titles. They're not in the list below, but they'll pop up on the Quest etc. games pages. Happy gaming!

Contributors: Gunness, dave, iamaran, Alex, THayes, ahope1, Porkbelly

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