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07-06-2021 (dave)

People are still beavering away with updating games and providing solutions. We've had a few new and rare games being unearthed too. Thank you to all the contributors!

Contributors: Csabo, Jonathan O, Jesper Hvid, Exemptus, Alex, Garry, FredrikR, boldir, benkid77, sequornico, terri, Alastair, Hermski, Denk, iamaran, Slartibartfast, Paul Ingerson, Oloturia, jgerrie, Gunness, ahope1, Zenobifan2, ASchultz, chrishester, nimusi, Canalboy, stevenjameshodgson, RetroBasic, Dave Edwards, Dorothy, auraes, Stefano, Strident, leenew, Duffadash, dave, adventuron

Random Game

Femme qui ne supportait pas les ordinateurs, La


Ah, it had to happen! Froggy has been racking his brains for new ideas and has decided to launch an interactive novel!

What is this all about? Is this not a pompous attempt to inject literature into micro-computing? No. Simply the desire to involve the typist in a crazy story. Judge for yourself: as soon as your diskette is inserted into the drive, your computer pig sets out to seduce any woman within range of the keyboard! It's your turn to suffer the ravings of a macho machine (and a touchy one at that!). But beware, there's no way to control its reactions if you can't control your own.


Ported, using Inform 6.3, to Z-machine by Hugo Labrande, c.2008.

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