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26-01-2024 (Gunness)

A much overdue update - welcome to 2024!
As of yesterday, the Classic Adventures Solution Archive has been online for 25 (!) years. No mean feat for a small, clumsily named hobby site which was never intended to do much more than host the various solutions your truly had jotted down over the years. And here we are, several incarnations and a whopping 10,000 games later.

Most of my fellow gleeful amateur websites from that era, with all their dancing GIFs and "Coming soon" sections, have fallen by the wayside. The internet has changed tremendously and, for better or for worse, been professionalised (and commercialised) a great deal.

I'm just happy to know that there's still room for the gleeful amateurs - who, as it happens, are an endlessly knowledgeable bunch. A heartfelt THANK YOU to everybody old and new who has allowed the site to stick around. CASA is for all intents and purposes a dodo that should have gone extinct a long time ago. I'm glad to see that this isn't the case just yet.
(And the image, from a 1999 game, seemed oddly appropriate for this oddly named site)

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