Welcome to the Traditional C64 IF page
by Dark Fiber

When I talk about traditional C64 IF I'm not talking about Infocom, Level 9 or Magnetic Scrolls version of Interactive Fiction. What I am talking about is the two word, verb noun IF produced by two distinct companies, Softgold and Mountain Valley. This traditional C64 IF is not just plain text, it's text and graphics, where the graphics utilise the C64 character set to produce some great pictures.

Some people regard this style of graphic as the worst they have seen, and others claim it's the best examples of C64 character set graphics they have seen. You either love them or hate them. I am one of those who love it, as well as the nostalgia factor, the games have some cunning puzzles and riddles to boot.

A big thanks to Andrew Williams, who helped me obtain several of these old games. Thanks mate!


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