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Welcome to CASA - The Classic Adventures Solution Archive

What is CASA?

- All about text adventure games, the best (and oldest) type of computer game known to man!
- The site covers all 8-bit and 16-bit formats, and the entire range of games from the earliest titles to modern Interactive Fiction, with emphasis on older titles.
- Information, solutions, maps, hints, reviews and other more or less useful tidbits.
- Inspiration to locate new games that will frustrate you to no end!

What is CASA not?

- Game downloads (apart from a few bug-fixed ones) – but there are plenty of sites to find these games.
- Point'n'click titles.
- An all-encompassing encyclopaedia with every game under the sun – there are still many titles to be added.
- The new IF Wiki - our site mainly focuses on the games, not development tools.


Coding: All code and visuals by Mr. Creosote (of and Dave (of Adventure International Memorial).
Site development: Kind input from a lot of people, in particular Alastair and Jakob Smith.

Webmaster: Jacob Gunness
Head of Platforms:
BBC/Electron: Dave, iamaran
Dragon: Alastair
MSX: Alex

Screenshots and info was graciously offered from the fine folks behind various Gamebase projects, including Michael Plate (Gamebase64), Mark Hardman (Gamebase BBC, Apple, Atari 800 and more), Loic (Amstrad) and .mad. (MSX),

The actual content was delivered by this fine bunch of people.


CASA was created in 1999 with the purpose of having a place to offer my solutions to the public. Over the years, a lot of people submitted material and the number of solutions and maps grew substantially, but the site was still in plain, static HTML. After much whining and groaning on my part about wanting a site with better functionality, Mr. Creosote and Dave heroically volunteered to assist in late 2009. Much coding and typing ensued, and the new version of CASA was launched in May 2010.

Happy adventuring,

Jacob Gunness, webmaster