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All contributions are more than welcome: maps, solutions, hints, reviews, information or anything else you can come up with. Please register first, so that we can credit you properly and you can become the envy of your entire community.

Contributions for games already in CASA: Click on the "Send update" button on the game's page

Contributions for “new” games: Submit the file and, preferrably, info on the game it belongs to here.

Authors: If you've written any of the games in the archive, leave a comment on your game's page or please get in touch with me.

Credits: As part of porting over data from the old site, I've tried to credit people to the best of my ability, but this can be a tad complicated at times. If you've written some of this material and haven't received credit for it, or if you feel that I've nicked material from your site, please let me know and I'll be happy to amend the situation.

Happy adventuring,
Jacob Gunness, webmaster