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Oxbridge (Oxbridge.txt)

Oxbridge by Tynesoft
OXBRIDGE - Hint Sheet Questions
 1. I can't get out of the tower
 2. The bees sting me
 3. I can't capture the butterfly
 4. I can't find a use for the picklock
 5. I can't make the punt work
 6. The barman in The Punter's Arms won't serve me
 7. I can't catch the mouse
 8. What use is the bulb?
 9. What use is the box with the trefoil?
10. I get killed when I open the fume cupboard
11. I can't get through the college main gates
12. I can't work the service till in the bank
13. I get arrested in the museum
14. I don't get anywhere in the library
15. I get arrested for shoplifting in Harrods
16. I can't get into the Master's lodge
17. I can't get the furniture sorted out
18. I get stuck in the garden maze
19. I have scored maximum points but can't find the endgame
OXBRIDGE - Hint Sheet Answers
 1. You need the key to the back door, which is initially in the cellar. 
Take the ladder with you.
 2. To collect the royal jelly you must first drop the marmalade in the 
vicinity to distract the bees.
 3. There is a butterfly net somewhere.
 4. It opens the front door in the tower.
 5. You need a punt pole.
 6. There is a hint in there somewhere. Remember to drink your beer.
 7. There is a cat on a roof somewhere.
 8. You must plant it in a suitable patch of earth.
 9. It is valuable. Just resist the temptation to open it.
10. Leave the vicinity temporarily.
11. The barman in the pub knows something useful.
12. You need the card from the dining hall. The numbers on the blackboard 
in the maths room should give you a clue to the ID number.
13. The statue is on a weighbridge which rings an alarm when there is no 
weight on it. To avoid the guard, try the fire exit.
14. You must reach the end of the alphabet.
15. You must smuggle both items out in the lift. You must work out how to 
move the lift without being in it yourself.
16. Ring the doorbell.
17. You are advised to draw a diagram and try it with counters first.
18. The easy way to work out a route is with a chessboard, a knight and 
64 numbered pieces of cardboard.
19. It's a place punters are normally barred from. Blowing your own 
trumpet a bit might help.

Solution gratefully borrowed from Chris Richardson's

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