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City of Alzan, The (City_of_Alzan.txt)

Solution to Trevor Toms' City of Alzan, from The ZX81 Pocket Book

Since this is only a demonstration adventure, it is naturally short. You can't
expect much florid verbiage on the ZX81, anyway, and certainly not in Basic,
without any form of text compression. This game is mainly interesting as the
ancestor to some of the Phipps games; the system, even in Basic, is of interest
as a cousin (though not a direct ancestor) to the Quill.

There are two ways to buy the hammer. One involves getting some money (I'll
leave you to figure out how - don't want to give away _all_ secrets, now do I?)
but this leaves you vulnerable to El Grabbo, the thief. If he strikes, you'll
have to resort to the second resource anyway, which this walkthrough uses.
That, however, has its own problem: the tomb holds a plague, which you may (on
a random throw) catch. This gives you twenty turns to live. This solution only
takes 15 turns after entering the tomb, though, so it's safe. Don't ask what
happens after you escape...

w, in, take torch, out, e, s, lift cover, d, light torch, look.
take nails, s, take barclaycard, n, u, n, w, in, buy hammer, out.
n, take wood, u, w, n, build ladder, u.

                                                 -- Richard Bos, September 2014