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Larkspur Waldorf Is Trapped (Larkspur_Waldorf_Is_Trapped.txt)

Larkspur Waldorf Is Trapped - The Larkspur Trilogy Part 1
by H. G. Bullman and J. R. Smallwood


Note that the delete key does not work in this game. Instead the CLEAR key tells the game to ignore
any mis-typed command, the correct command will then have to be typed-in in full (or at least the
first four characters of any verb or noun).

W, w, s, s, w, s, examine generator, examine paddle, d, s, pull lever, n, u, examine generator, get
paddle, d, e, e, n, n, e, get hammer, w, w, w, n, w, w, s, s, e, s, n, w, n, n, e, e, n, n, w, w, n,
e, s, get key, n, e, u, s, n.

Get shield, wear shield, e, e, n, e, get spanner, w, w, examine ladder, get ladder, s, e, n, n, e,
examine balcony, examine ladder, drop ladder, go balcony, e, e, u, n, examine rope, get rope, s, u,
open door, go door, examine sheet, get sheet, s, d, w, u, w, get book, read book, e, d, d, w, d.

W, s, s, e, n, get steak, s, s, s, e, s, examine cabinet, open cabinet, get helmet, examine helmet,
wear helmet, read book, n, w, d, n, examine statue, drop steak, get saw, say ipth, get saw.

S, u, n, n, w, n, n, e, go balcony, e, u, u, n, e, u, examine window, saw window, jump.


By Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)