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Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals (Leisure_Suit_Larry_3.txt)


                              FAQ/Walkthrough for



Author:   Tom Hayes
E-mail:   thayesguides(at)gmail(dot)com
System:   PC
Updated:  20th December, 2014
Version:  2.0


1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
     2.1. Tawni
     2.2. Cherri
     2.3. Bambi
     2.4. Patti
     2.5. Finding Larry
3. Character List
4. Item List
     4.1. Larry
     4.2. Patti
5. Point List
6. Maps
7. Easter Eggs and Secrets
8. Debug Information
9. Age Quiz Questions
10. Copyright Information


2.0:  20th December, 2014  (Submitted to solutionarchive)
1.0:  5th May, 2003        (First version)


1.                                Introduction


At the end of the previous game, Larry travelled to the top of the volcano on
Nontoonyt island to defeat Doctor Nonookee. In return for this, the chief of
the village allowed Larry to marry his daughter, Kalalau. At the start of the
third game in the series, Larry is standing on top of the volcano looking out
at Nontoonyt, which has become a massive holiday resort. As he walks down the
path to his house, he finds that Kalalau has left him for another woman, and so
Larry explores the island looking once again for the woman of his dreams.


2.                                Walkthrough


2.1.                                 Tawni

The game starts on the Vista Point on the Nontoonyt Island volcano. Use the
arrow keys to move Larry to the left binoculars. LOOK IN BINOCULARS to see a
woman pulling down the shades in her house. The amount that the shades are
pulled down depends on the amount of questions that were answered incorrectly
in the quiz at the start of the game. LOOK PLAQUE in the middle of the area to
discover that it was dedicated to Larry when he saved the island from Dr.
Nonookee. Exit the view of the plaque. Walk east to enter the jungle.

Take the north-west path to arrive outside Kalalau's house. She says that she
has filed for divorce and tells Larry to leave. Walk east two screens to change
into Leisure Suit Larry. Walk west one screen and GET WOOD under the tree near
the bottom-right corner of the area. Take the north-west path to Kalalau's
house to see that she has left the hot tub. OPEN MAILBOX and GET CARD from
inside. Walk east two screens, south-east and south-wast to arrive outside the
office. Enter the office to meet Chairman Kenneth, who not only fires Larry
from his job but also bowls him out of his office.

Walk east one screen and north-east one screen to arrive outside the changing
cabanas. GET DRINK from the sink and then GET the SOAP on the rope. Walk west
one screen and south one screen to arrive at the beach. LOOK TAWNI and she will
stand up. TALK TAWNI twice and she will say that she likes shopping. GIVE CARD
to Tawni and wait for the cutscene to finish. We now need to find some way of
convincing Tawni that Larry is a souvenir vendor.

Walk west one screen and RUB KNIFE ON STEPS to sharpen it. Walk north-west to
the jungle and then walk to the top-right corner of the screen. There are two
different paths that can be taken here. The north path leads to an office while
the east path leads to the Chip 'N' Dale's club exterior. Take the east path
and CUT GRASS WITH KNIFE. Walk east one screen and enter the Comedy Hut. TALK
AL at the bottom-left corner of the room and say anything to see him disappear.
SIT on the chair at the middle table and watch the entire comedy show for extra
points. STAND up after the show has finished and exit the Comedy Hut.

Walk west, south, south-east and north-east to return to the changing cabanas.
Enter the left cabana. WEAVE GRASS to make a grass skirt. WEAR SKIRT. CARVE
WOOD WITH KNIFE to make the erotic sculpture. Now Larry looks like the souvenir
vendor that appeared on the beach earlier and he also has something to sell.
Walk west and south to return to the beach. Larry will automatically walk up to
Tawni to sell the erotic sculpture for twenty dollars.

2.2.                                Cherri

Walk north-east to return to the changing cabanas. Enter the left cabana and
WEAR SUIT. Walk west and south to return to the beach. Tawni has gone but has
left her towel on the beach. GET TOWEL and then USE TOWEL to lie down. As soon
the points are given, STAND up to avoid being burnt by the sun. Walk west one
screen and go up the steps to enter the hotel.

Walk north one screen and north-west one screen. LOOK IN MIRROR for two points
and then continue west to the outer lobby. GIVE TICKET to the maitre 'd. He
will ask Larry what number is on a page in the game manual. Enter the pass
number shown on the page. He tells Larry that there are currently no seats
available. PAY MAITRE 'D and he says that a front row seat is available. Wait
for the show to finish and Larry will return to the outer lobby. Walk to the
middle of the room and Cherri Tart will leave backstage.

LOOK CHERRI and then TALK CHERRI twice. She tells Larry that she would like a
piece of land that she could build a farm on. ASK ABOUT LAND and Larry will
offer her a few acres of his land. Walk east twice, south twice, north-west and
north on the north-east path to see the legal offices. Enter the building and
ASK ABOUT LAND. The receptionist tells Larry that Ms. Cheatem will talk to
Larry about land. SIT on the chair in her office and ASK ABOUT LAND. She tells
Larry that he is now the owner of a piece of Nontoonyt land.

STAND up and exit Suzi's office. Exit the building and then return to it. ASK
ABOUT LAND DEED. The receptionist tells Larry that the land is isolated. Exit
the building and walk south and then south-east. Enter the hotel and walk
north, north-west and west to return to the outer lobby. KNOCK ON DOOR to enter
the backstage area and wait for the scene to finish. In the dark, Cherri and
Larry got their clothes mixed up and Larry walks on stage wearing Cherri's
clothes. Larry will die of embarrassment something isn't done soon, so DANCE.
Larry dances so well that the audience throws him five hundred dollars.

2.3.                                 Bambi

Walk east twice, south twice, north-west and north one the north-east path to
return to the legal offices. Enter the building and GIVE MONEY to the
receptionist. Wait for the scene to finish. She tells Larry to get the divorce
papers from the receptionist. Exit the building and then return to it. ASK
ABOUT DECREE to get it. Exit the building and walk south and then south-east.
Walk up the steps to enter the hotel. Walk north, north-west and west. OPEN
DOOR. Walk behind the screen and WEAR SUIT. Walk east three times and south
twice to exit the hotel. Walk north-west and then take the south-west path to
see the Fat City health spa. Enter Fat City.

The doors will only open to Fat City members. LOOK DECREE to see that Suzi's
membership card was in the decree. USE CARD ON SLOT at the side of the left
door to enter the locker room. Follow the path to the locker at the top-left
corner of the room. TURN CARD to see Nontoonyt destinations written on the
back. Each location represents a page in the game manual. OPEN LOCKER using the
correct page numbers from the manual. WEAR SWEATS and CLOSE LOCKER. If you
leave the room without closing the locker, everything will be stolen from it.
Walk through the top-right doorway to enter the workout room.

The aim here is to USE MACHINE until a message congratulates Larry for pumping
a certain amount of weight. The problem is that on faster computers, it can
take a very long time for the message to appear. By far the easiest way to pass
the section is to enter the ASCOT BACKDROP code, which will trigger the debug
mode of the game after Larry moves to a new room. Exit the workout room and
then return to it. With the debug mode now active, Larry only has to perform
five repetitions on the machines in order to make the message appear. Then just
enter ASCOT BACKDROP again to exit the debug mode.

After completing the required number of repetitions on all four machines, wait
for the scene to finish and then exit the workout room. Return to the top-left
locker and OPEN LOCKER. REMOVE SWEATS and CLOSE LOCKER. Walk through the left
doorway at the top of the room to enter the shower room. Walk to the top of the
room and USE FAUCET to turn on the shower. Walk into the water and USE SOAP
from the changing cabanas. Exit the shower room and return to the top-left
locker again. OPEN LOCKER. USE TOWEL. USE DEODORANT. WEAR SUIT. Exit the locker
room. USE CARD ON SLOT next to the top door to enter the aerobics studio. LOOK
BAMBI and TALK BAMBI to find out that she is working on an exercise video.
Offer to HELP WITH VIDEO. Wait for the scene to finish and then exit Fat City.

2.4.                                Patti

Walk east one screen and then walk east on the north-east path. Enter the cave
and GET ORCHIDS on the right wall near the cave opening. Larry will die if he
falls out of the cave so be careful not to get too close to the edge. Exit the
cave and walk south and then walk south-east. Walk up the steps to enter the
hotel. Walk north, north-east and east to enter the piano room. WEAVE ORCHIDS
into a lei. SIT on the chair nearest Patti and look at her. GIVE DECREE and
GIVE LEI to Patti and then mention the PENTHOUSE when she asks what Larry wants
to do. She gives Larry the key to her suite and tells him to come to the
penthouse in a few minutes with a drink. STAND up.

Walk west twice and south twice to exit the hotel. Walk north-west one screen
and then walk east on the north-east path. Walk east and enter the Comedy Hut.
GET WINE from the middle table. Exit the Comedy Hut and walk west, south and
south-east. Enter the hotel and walk east one screen. PUSH BUTTON to enter the
elevator. USE KEY IN LOCK to go to the penthouse. Walk to the table and POUR
WINE. Wait for the scene to finish and the game will switch to Patti.

2.5.                            Finding Larry

This part of the game involves Patti's quest to find Larry. GET BOTTLE on the
table. Walk behind the dressing screen and WEAR BRA, WEAR DRESS, WEAR PANTIES
and WEAR PANTYHOSE. Walk south to exit the penthouse. Press ONE in the elevator
to go down to the lobby. Walk west, north, north-east and east to return to the
piano room. GET MARKER from the tray below the announcement board and GET TIPS
from the glass on the piano. Walk west twice and south twice to exit the hotel.

Walk north-east to arrive at the changing cabanas area. FILL BOTTLE with water
from the sink. Walk west, north-west and east on the north-east path to see a
doorman standing outside the Chip 'N' Dale's club. GIVE TIPS from the piano
room to the doorman to enter the club. SIT on the middle chair at the bottom
table and the show will start. THROW PANTIES ON STAGE and then wait for the
show to finish. Dale will eventually walk up to the table to talk to Patti.
LOOK DALE. TALK DALE. Patti asks if he knows of any way to get through the
bamboo maze that she saw Larry go into and Dale tells her that the answer can
be found is in the manual. Exit the conversation and STAND up. Walk east twice,
north-east and then north-west to enter the bamboo maze.

This lengthy bamboo maze only has one correct route to the exit, with the rest
of the routes all leading to dead ends. Patti also needs to drink water from
the bottle on the way through the maze so there is no time to take any wrong
turns. Go north twice, east twice, north, west, north, east and north three
times. By this point Patti will be slouching, so DRINK WATER. Although it is
safe to go a few more screens before doing this, Patti is over half way through
the maze at this point so it is fine to drink the water. Now walk west twice,
south, west twice, north twice, west and north to exit the bamboo maze.

Patti emerges from the maze in an area with a mountain stream. DRINK WATER from
the stream but be careful not to get too close to it as Patti will be swept
over the edge of the cliff. Walk north to the cliff edge. REMOVE PANTYHOSE. TIE
PANTYHOSE TO ROCK. Patti climbs over the edge of the cliff and falls to a ledge
far below. The path leading into the jungle on the other side of the cliff is
our destination, but we need to get across there first. Walk to the right tree
and CLIMB TREE. GET COCONUTS from the top of the tree. CLIMB DOWN from the
tree. GET PLANTS. WEAVE ROPE out of the plants and then THROW ROPE to the rock
on the other side of the canyon. If Patti now attempts to climb across the
rope, she will fall off because she is not secured to the rope. RIP DRESS and
then CLIMB ALONG ROPE to make it to the other side of the canyon.

Walk north-west to arrive at a junction. Stay at the left side of the path and
walk north to see a pig. Don't get too close to the pig or it will kill Patti,
so just stay at the left side of the path for now. REMOVE BRA. PUT COCONUTS IN
BRA. With the pig on the screen, THROW BRA at the pig to knock it into the
river. Walk north to the river edge. Walk to the grass at the left side of the
area and enter the river. MOVE LOG and then GET ON LOG to start an arcade
sequence where you have to avoid obstacles on the way down the stream. Just set
the speed to a reasonable level and SAVE frequently.

After making it down to the end of the stream, Patti gets caught in a net by
two Amazonian women and is taken back to their village where she is reunited
with Larry. Quickly USE MARKER and Patti will draw a magic door that they both
escape through. Larry and Patti fall out of the game and arrive at the Sierra
Studios where Police Quest is being filmed. Walk north to enter the prop
storage room, where references to various Sierra games can be seen.

Walk east to the Space Quest set to start floating. Move to the machine at the
bottom-right corner of the room and PULL PLUG when Patti is floating upside
down to stop floating. Walk east to see Rosella being filmed for the whale
tongue climbing scene in King's Quest IV. In the ending, Larry and Patti meet
Roberta Williams and agree to write games for her based on Larry's life. Larry
is seen programming and testing the first game in the Leisure Suit Larry series
while Patti looks out across a lake from their house in the mountains.


3.                              Character List


  Found after Patti arrives at the bottom of the river on the log. They take
  Patti back to their village where she meets Larry in the cage.

  Occasionally found at the changing cabanas. Also found in the Comedy Club.
  Five points are given for talking to Al in the Comedy Club.

  Found in the aerobics studio at Fat City. Bambi refuses to talk to Larry
  unless he has used the gym and the deodorant from the locker. A scene is
  shown when Larry offers to help Bambi make a workout video.

  Found in the hot tub at Kalalau's house at the start of the game. According
  to a message describing Bobbi in the game, she is an Amazonian Harley-riding
  former-cannibal slot-machine repairwoman. Bobbi is dating Kalalau.

  Found in the office at Natives, Inc. Kenneth is the manager of Natives, Inc
  and fires Larry when he enters his office near the start of the game. As his
  hobby is bowling, he bowls Larry out of the building after he is fired.

  Found in the outer lobby at the hotel after the show. Larry can ask Roger and
  Suzi for a land deed after talking to Cherri about land. Larry can then knock
  on the door and enter backstage in the hotel to give the land deed to Cherri.

  Found in Chip 'N' Dale's. Patti throws her panties on stage while Dale is
  dancing to get his attention. He then walks up to Patti after the show and
  sits next to her. Patti can talk to him to find a clue about the bamboo maze.

  Found in the lobby at Natives, Inc. David is a guard that warns Larry about
  Chairman Kenneth before Larry is bowled out of the building by him.

  Found outside Chip 'N' Dale's while playing as Patti. He lets Patti in to see
  the show when he is given the tips from the glass on top of the piano.

  Occasionally found seated at the piano in the hotel. Larry can't talk to him
  in the piano room as Elvis seems to be busy listening to the music.

  Found in the hot tub at Kalalau's house at the start of the game. Larry first
  met Kalalau on Nontoonyt island near the end of the previous game, where they
  got married in the village after Larry defeated Dr. Nonookee. Near the start
  of this game, Kalalau decides to divorce Larry so that she can be with Bobbi.

  A playable character for the first half of the game. At the start of the game
  Larry not only finds out that his wife is divorcing him but also loses his
  job. He sets out once again to find the woman of his dreams, and after some
  failed attempts he actually succeeds when he finds Passionate Patti in the
  piano room at the hotel. After travelling to the hotel penthouse, Larry hears
  Patti talking about a previous boyfriend and leaves for the other side of the
  island. He is caught by the cannibals and it is up to Patti to rescue him.

  Found in the outer lobby at the hotel. When Larry shows him the ticket, he
  asks for a pass number that is shown on a page in the game manual. Larry then
  has to give twenty dollars to the maitre 'd to enter the showroom.

  A playable character for the second half of the game. Patti first made an
  appearance at the end of the previous game where she was named Polyester
  Patti. Patti is playing in the piano room at the hotel when she meets Larry.
  After he shows her the divorce decree and the lei, she agrees to go to the
  hotel penthouse with him. Larry leaves in the night and Patti wakes up to see
  him disappearing into the bamboo maze. She sets off to find him.

  Found in the Comedy Club. Paul Paul gives a lengthy comedy show that is worth
  sitting through because 100 points are given at the end of it.

  Found one screen north from the canyon. The feral pig will kill Patti if she
  gets too close to it. Throw the bra with coconuts at the pig to defeat it.

  Found on the King's Quest set in the Sierra Studios. Roberta is directing a
  scene in King's Quest IV when Larry and Patti walk on to the set. She offers
  Larry a chance to direct a series of adventure games based on his life.

  Found in the lobby at Dewey, Cheatem and Howe. After talking to Suzi about
  the land deed and the divorce decree, Larry can get the items by talking
  to Roger about them after leaving the building and then returning to it.

  Occasionally found seated at the piano in the hotel while Patti is playing.
  Roger Wilco is from the Space Quest series. Larry can ask him about the Two
  Guys from Andromeda but Roger says that he doesn't know about them.

  Found on the King's Quest set in the Sierra Studios. Rosella is seen being
  directed by Roberta Williams to climb the whale tongue from King's Quest IV.

  Found on the beach after Larry gives the credit card to Tawni. The souvenir
  vendor interrupts Larry and Tawni on the beach to sell the ginsu knife.

  Found in her office at Dewey, Cheatem and Howe. Larry asks Suzi about the
  land deed and the divorce decree. She tells Larry to get them from Roger.
  Enter Suzi's office wearing Cherri Tart's costume for an extra scene.

  Found on the beach one screen south from the fountain. Larry gives the credit
  card to Tawni after he talks to her. In the following scene, Tawni shows that
  she likes to buy souvenirs. After the scene, Larry can dress up like the
  souvenir vendor to sell the erotic sculpture to Tawni for twenty dollars.

  Found in the village if Patti doesn't use the magic marker quickly enough.
  She makes the water start boiling and lowers the cage into the cauldron.

  Found by looking through the binoculars on the Vista Point. The curtains are
  lowered more if questions were answered incorrectly in the age quiz at the
  start of the game. Two points are given for looking through the binoculars.


4.                                Item List


4.1.                                Larry

  Made by weaving the orchids. It is given to Patti in the hotel piano room.

  Found by selling the erotic souvenir to Tawni on the beach while Larry is
  wearing the grass skirt. It is given to the maitre 'd in the hotel.

  Found by dancing on the stage after giving the land deed to Cherri Tart in
  the hotel. They are given to the receptionist in the legal offices.

  Found on the beach after Tawni has been given the erotic sculpture. It is
  used on the beach. It is also used after using the shower in Fat City.

  Found on the middle table in the Comedy Hut after Larry has asked Patti to
  meet him in the penthouse. It is poured in the penthouse.

  Found in the mailbox outside Kalalau's house after she has left the hot tub.
  It is given to Tawni on the beach while Larry is talking to her.

  Found by asking the receptionist in the legal office about the decree after
  wearing Cherri's outfit into Suzi's office. It is looked at to find Suzi's
  spa keycard for Fat City. It is given to Patti in the hotel piano room.

  Made by using the sharp knife on the granadilla wood. It is sold to Tawni on
  the beach for twenty dollars after Larry changes into the grass skirt.

  Tawni will give Larry the ginsu knife when the souvenir vendor arrives on the
  beach. It is rubbed on the steps of the hotel to make the sharp knife.

  Found at the bottom of the granadilla tree one screen east from Kalalau's
  house. It is carved with the sharp knife to make the erotic sculpture.

  Made by weaving the native grass. Larry changes into the grass skirt in the
  changing cabanas to give Tawni the erotic sculpture on the beach.

  Found by asking the receptionist in the legal office about the land after
  talking to Suzi Cheatem about the land. It is given to Cherri in the hotel.

  Found by using the sharp knife on the grass outside the cave near the Chip
  'N' Dales club. It is weaved to make the grass skirt.

  Patti will give the penthouse key to Larry after he asks her to meet him in
  the penthouse. It is used to go to the penthouse in the elevator.

  Made by using the ginsu knife on the steps outside the hotel. It is used to
  cut the native grass outside the cave near the Chip 'N' Dales club. It is
  also used to carve the granadilla wood into the erotic sculpture.

  Found above the sink at the left side of the changing cabanas. It is used
  on Larry when he is standing under the shower at Fat City.

  Found on the right wall in the cave outside the Chip 'N' Dales club. They can
  only be picked near the cave mouth. They are weaved to make a quick lei.

  Found by looking at the divorce decree. It is turned to find the names of
  three locations on Nontoonyt island. The locations are listed on pages in the
  game manual. The page numbers are used to open the locker in Fat City.

4.2.                                Patti

  Made by filling the empty bottle in the sink at the left side of the changing
  cabanas. It is used in the bamboo maze when Patti is thirsty.

  Found on the table behind the dressing screen in the penthouse. The coconuts
  are put into the bra. The bra is thrown at the pig after the bamboo maze.

  Found at the top of the tree on the cliff ledge. They are put in the bra.

  Found on the table behind the dressing screen in the penthouse. It is ripped
  after Patti lands on the cliff edge so that she can climb along the rope.

  Found on the table in the middle of the penthouse. It is filled from the sink
  at the left side of the changing cabanas to make the bottle of water.

  Made by weaving the plants on the cliff ledge. It is thrown to the rock on
  the far side of the canyon and is tied to the tree. After Patti rips her
  dress, she can climb along the rope to reach the other side of the canyon.

  Found in the tray below the menu in the hotel piano room. It is used to draw
  a magic door in the cage after Patti finds Larry in the village.

  Found on the ledge with the coconut tree. It is weaved to make the hemp rope.

  Found on the table behind the dressing screen in the penthouse. They are
  thrown on stage in Chip 'N' Dales to make Dale talk to Patti after the show.

  Found on the table behind the dressing screen in the penthouse. It is removed
  and tied to the rock one screen north from the river after the bamboo maze.

  Found in the glass on top of the piano in the hotel. They are used to pay the
  doorman standing outside the Chip 'N' Dales club so that Patti can meet Dale.

  Available at the start of Patti's section of the game. It is not used.


5.                                Point List


2       2      Look in the left binoculars.
4       2      Read the plaque.
6       2      Get the granadilla wood.
26      20     Get the credit card.
28      2      Get the drink from the sink.
40      12     Get the soap from above the sink.
90      50     Give the credit card to Tawni.
130     40     Get the ginsu knife from Tawni.
180     50     Rub the knife on the hotel steps.
200     20     Cut the grass with the sharp knife.
205     5      Talk to Al in the Comedy Hut.
305     100    Sit through the Comedy Hut show.
335     30     Weave the grass to make the skirt.
345     10     Wear the skirt at the changing cabanas.
395     50     Carve the wood with the sharp knife.
430     35     Give the erotic sculpture to Tawni.
432     2      Get the towel from the beach.
462     30     Use the towel on the beach.
464     2      Look at the mirror in the hotel.
514     50     Pay the maitre' d.
519     5      Look at Cherri after the show.
544     25     Ask Cherri about the land.
554     10     Ask the receptionist about the land.
584     30     Ask Suzi about the land.
604     20     Get the land deed from the receptionist.
629     25     Give the land deed to Cherri.
672     43     Dance in the show.
682     10     Give the money to the receptionist.
782     100    Enter Suzi's office wearing the costume.
802     20     Get the decree from the receptionist.
827     25     Wear the leisure suit.
927     100    Look in the decree to find the keycard.
930     3      Open the door to the locker room.
995     65     Turn the card to find three locations.
1095    100    Open locker 69 in the locker room.
1099    4      Wear the sweats from the locker.
1199    100    Use the machines in the workout room.
1259    60     Use the soap in the shower.
1281    22     Use the towel after showering.
1308    27     Use the deodorant.
1311    3      Open the door to the aerobics studio.
1410    99     Offer to help Bambi with the video.
1413    3      Enter the tanning machine room.
1438    25     Get the orchids from the cave.
1488    50     Weave the orchids to make the quick lei.
1493    5      Look at Patti in the hotel.
1593    100    Give the divorce decree to Patti.
1693    100    Give the quick lei to Patti.
1818    125    Ask Patti to go to the penthouse.
1833    15     Get the bottle of wine from the Comedy Club.
1837    4      Go to the penthouse.
2337    500    Pour the wine in the penthouse.

2362    25     Get the empty bottle from the penthouse.
2382    20     Wear the bra.
2392    10     Wear the dress.
2412    20     Wear the panties.
2432    20     Wear the pantyhose.
2482    50     Get the magic marker from the tray.
2507    25     Get the tips from the cup on the piano.
2544    37     Fill the bottle from the sink.
2587    43     Pay the doorman outside Chip 'N' Dales.
2687    100    Throw the panties on the stage.
2688    1      Look at Dale in Chip 'N' Dales.
2708    20     Use the bottle in the bamboo maze.
2808    100    Exit the bamboo maze.
2850    42     Drink from the river.
2865    15     Remove the pantyhose near the rock.
2905    40     Tie the pantyhose to the rock.
2930    25     Get the coconuts from the tree.
2940    10     Get the plants from the ledge.
3040    100    Weave the plants to make the rope.
3060    20     Throw the rope over the canyon.
3080    20     Tie the rope to the tree.
3130    50     Rip the dress.
3135    5      Remove the bra near the river.
3180    45     Put the coconuts in the bra.
3280    100    Throw the bra at the pig.
3290    10     Move the log in the river.
3310    20     Get on the log.
3460    150    Complete the arcade sequence.
3960    500    Use the magic marker in the cage.
4000    40     Pull the plug on the machine.


6.                                   Maps



                      |Suzi's |
                      |Office |
                      |___ ___|
 _______               ___|___               _______    _______
| Vista |             |       |             |Chip'n'|  |Comedy |
| Point |             | Lobby |             |Dale's |  |  Hut  |
|_______|             |___ ___|             |___ ___|  |___ ___|
        \__               |                     |          |         *2
 _______   \_______    ___|___    _______    ___|___    ___|___    ___|___
|Kalalau|  |       |  |Office |  |Orchid |  |       |  |       |  |       |
| House |--|   F   |  |Entrnce|  | Cave  |--|       |  |       |--| Cliff |
|_______|  |   o   |  |___ ___|  |_______|  |Outside|  |Outside|  |_______|
           |   r   |      |                 |Chip'n'|  |Comedy |
 _______   |   e   |   ___|___              |Dale's |  |  Hut  |
|       |  |   s   |  |       |             |       |  |       |
| Park  |--|   t   |--|   F   |-------------|       |--|       |
|_______|  |_______|  |   o   |             |_______|  |_______|
                      |   r   |
            _______   |   e   |   _______    _______
           |FatCity|  |   s   |  |   F   |  |       |
           |Entrnce|--|   t   |--|   o   |--|Cabanas|
           |_______|  |_______|  |   u   |  |_______|
                                 |   n   |
 _______    _______    _______   |   t   |
|Kenneth|  |       |  |Path to|  |   a   |
|Office |--| Lobby |--|Office |--|   i   |-*1
|_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |___n___|
                                 |       |
                                 | Beach |

*1: Leads to the Lobby on map 2.


           | Show  |
           | Room  |
           |___ ___|
 _______    ___|___    _______    _______    _______    _______
| Back- |  | Outer |  |Mirror |  |       |  |Mirror |  |       |
| stage |--| Lobby |--| Hall  |--| Slope |--| Hall  |--| Piano |
|_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |___ ___|  |_______|  |_______|
                                     |       _______
                                     |      | Pent  |
                                     |      | House |
                                     |      |___ ___|
                                     |          |
                                     |       ___|___
                                     |      |       |
                                     |      |Elvator|
                                     |      |___ ___|
                                     |          |
                                  ___|___    ___|___
                                 |       |  |       |
                                 | Lobby |--| Lobby |
                                 |___ ___|  |_______|

*1: Leads to the Fountain on map 1.


 _______    _______    _______
|       |  |       |  |Aerobic|
|Shower |  |  Gym  |  |Studio |
|___ ___|  |___ ___|  |___ ___|
    |          |          |
 ___|__________|___    ___|___    _______
|                  |  |       |  |Tanning|
|   Locker Room    |--| Lobby |--| Booth |
|__________________|  |___ ___|  |_______|

*1: Leads to the Fat City Entrance on map 1.


|   |
|_ _|
 _|_    ___
|   |__|   |
|___|  |_ _|
        _|_           ___    ___    ___
       |   |         |   |__|   |__|   |
       |_ _|         |_ _|  |___|  |_ _|
         |             |             |
        _|_    ___    _|_           _|_
       |   |__|   |__|   |         |   |
       |___|  |___|  |___|         |_ _|
                                   |   |
                                   |_ _|
                             ___    _|_
                            |   |__|   |
                            |_ _|  |___|
                             _|_    ___
                            |   |__|   |
                            |___|  |_ _|
                      ___    ___    _|_
                     |   |__|   |__|   |
                     |_ _|  |___|  |___|
                     |   |
                     |_ _|
                     |   |
                     |_ _|

*1: Leads to the Cliff on map 1.
*2: Leads to the River on map 5.


           |       |
           | Cage  |
           |___ ___|
           |       |
 _______    _______   \_______
|       |  |  Log  |  |       |
| River |--| Ride  |--| River |
|___ ___|  |_______|  |_______|
|       |
|  Pig  |
|___ ___|
|       |
| Ledge |
|___ ___|
 ___|___    _______
|       |  |       |
| Cliff |--| Cliff |
|___ ___|  |_______|
|       |
| River |
|___ ___|

*1: Leads to the top of the bamboo maze on map 4.


 _______    _______    _______
| Prop  |  | Space |  |King's |
| Room  |--| Quest |--| Quest |
|___ ___|  |_______|  |_______|
|Police |
| Quest |


7.                         Easter Eggs and Secrets



On faster computers, the number of repetitions needed on each of the machines
in the Fat City gym can reach very high numbers. Fortunately, there is a way
around this that doesn't involve emulators or saved games. Activate the debug
mode by typing "ascot backdrop" while outside the gym. When Larry next enters
the gym, he only has to perform five repetitions on each machine.


1: The game will be played at Mother Goose level if one question is answered
   correctly in the age quiz. This is a reference to Mixed-Up Mother Goose.

2: Try to gamble while in the mirror hall in the hotel. A message says that
   Larry did enough of that in his first adventure game.

3: Keep exiting and returning to the piano room in the hotel and eventually
   Roger Wilco from the Space Quest series will appear on one of the chairs.

4: If Patti eats the plants from the cliff ledge, she will see visions of
   Daventry, the land where some games in the King's Quest series are based.

5: Larry and Patti land on a set for Police Quest I in the Sierra Studios. The
   cameras are filming one of the driving sequences in the game.

6: The prop room in the Sierra Studios contains a tombstone marking the remains
   of the King's Quest IV programming staff, a taxi cab from Leisure Suit Larry
   1, suits that were worn in the Manhunter series, targets from Police Quest
   II and the insurance salesmen from Space Quest II.

7: A set for Space Quest II can be found in the Sierra Studios.

8: After Larry and Patti walk east after pulling the plug at the end of the
   game, Rosella from King's Quest IV can be seen climbing the whale tongue.


When asked to answer the first question at the age quiz, hold ctrl + alt + x to
automatically answer all five questions correctly and skip to the game.


8.                            Debug Information


Type "ascot backdrop" and then move to a new screen to enable debug mode.

TP             (Teleport)
Get            (Name of object)
pitch          (Name of object)
Control-click  (Moves Larry)
Shift-click    (Shows mouse location)


The brackets next to certain items mean that the item will only be given while
playing as that character. (L) for Larry only or (P) for Patti only. Only the
items that can be given while playing in debug mode are listed here.

A Quick Lei           (P)    Empty Bottle      (P)    Panties
A Twenty Dollar Bill  (L)    Erotic Sculpture  (P)    Pantyhose
Beach Towel                  Ginsu Knife       (L)    Penthouse Key  (L)
Bottle of Wine        (L)    Granadilla Wood   (L)    Sharp Knife    (P)
Bra                          Grass Skirt       (P)    Soap-On-A-Rope
Coconuts                     Land Deed                Some Orchids   (L)
Credit Card                  Magic Marker             Spa Keycard
Divorce Decree               Marijuana                Tips           (P)
Dress                        Native Grass      (L)    Your Key       (P)


90   Boss screen                         380  Fat City gym
120  Introduction                        390  Fat City aerobics studio
130  Introduction                        395  Bambi face view
140  Warning screen                      400  Hotel lobby west side
200  Vista point                         410  Hotel staircase
203  Plaque                              415  Hotel mirror hall west side
206  Binoculars                          416  Hotel mirror hall east side
210  Forest west side                    420  Hotel outer lobby
213  Park                                430  Hotel showroom women dancing
216  Kalalau's house                     431  Hotel showroom Larry dancing
220  Forest east side                    435  Cherri Tart face view
230  Outside Chip 'N' Dale's             440  Hotel backstage
235  Cave                                450  Hotel piano room
240  Outside the Comedy Club             455  Passionate Patti face view
245  Outside the bamboo maze             460  Hotel lobby east side
250  Fountain outside hotel              470  Elevator
253  Changing cabanas                    480  Hotel penthouse
260  Beach                               500  Bamboo maze
265  Tawni face view                     510  River
266  Tawni body view                     520  Cliff west side
300  Outside Fat City                    523  Cliff east side
305  Outside Natives, Inc.               525  Above the cliff ledge
310  Outside Dewey, Cheatem and Howe     530  Cliff ledge
320  Dewey, Cheatem and Howe lobby       535  Climbing across the rope
323  Dewey, Cheatem and Howe office      540  Path with pig
325  Suzi Cheatem face view              550  River with log
330  Chip 'N' Dale's                     560  Log ride
335  Dale face view                      580  Amazonian women
340  The Comedy Hut                      585  Village
350  Natives, Inc. lobby                 590  Cage
355  Natives, Inc. Kenneth's office      610  Sierra Studios Police Quest set
360  Fat City lobby                      620  Sierra Studios prop room
365  Fat City tanning booth              630  Sierra Studios Space Quest set
370  Fat City locker room                640  Sierra Studios King's Quest set
375  Fat City shower                     650  Ending


9.                            Age Quiz Questions


A balloon mortgage is
  (c)  a type of home loan
A Bar Mitzvah is a
  (b)  Jewish religious ceremony.
A "condominium" is
  (c)  an apartment you can purchase.
A conundrum is
  (b)  a riddle.
A homophone is
  (c)  a word that sounds like another word.
A loop is
  (d)  All of the above.
A philanthropist is
  (a)  a humanitarian.
A philatelist is
  (d)  a stamp collector.
A reefer is
  (d)  sometimes smoked illegally.
A square root is a
  (a)  mathematical term.
A W-4 is
  (b)  a tax form.
Abbie Hoffman wrote
  (d)  "Steal This Book."
According to men, women think foreplay should last
  (d)  All of the above.
Acupuncture is
  (d)  an ancient form of Chinese medicine.
"All Along the Watchtower" is a
  (b)  song by Bob Dylan.
An abacus is
  (b)  a technique for counting.
An aneurysm is
  (c)  an enlargement in an artery.
An IUD is
  (d)  supposed to limit reproduction.
An oil glut is
  (d)  an overabundance of the commodity in the world markets.
Analgesics are used to
  (a)  control pain.
Are you a kid?
  (c)  No.
Artificial insemination is the
  (c)  technique widely used to breed animals.
Artificial intelligence is
  (a)  computers pretending to be human.
ARVN stands for the
  (b)  "Army of the Republic of Viet Nam."
"Ask any mermaid you happen to see,"
  (b)  What's the best tuna?
"Brown vs Board of Education" concerned
  (b)  desegregation.
Buddy Holly died
  (c)  in an airplane crash.
Canasta is
  (c)  a card game.
"Candy is dandy, but"
  (d)  "liquor is quicker."
Cat Stevens is
  (c)  a singer/songwriter who "got religion."
Charles Dickens wrote
  (b)  "David Copperfield."
Chlamydia is
  (b)  often "gotten off a toilet seat."
Comedians often play in
  (c)  the Borscht Belt.
CP/M is
  (d)  an operating system.
Decalcomania is
  (c)  sticky.
Eleven inches is
  (d)  more than I have.
Henry "Hank" Aaron is best known for
  (a)  his prowess with a stick.
How many virgin cheerleaders are there?
  (d)  Too many.
I am easily offended by
  (d)  None of the above.
If someone called you a thespian, he would probably be
  (a)  referring to your dramatic skills.
If "the rabbit died," what really happened is
  (b)  somebody's been doing something to someone.
If they could just stay little until their _____ wear out.
  (a)  Carters
If you inhaled Agent Orange you were probably
  (a)  in Vietnam.
In 1979, the Vice-President of the U.S. was nicknamed
  (b)  "Fritz."
In 1980, Americans supported the Iranian hostages by
  (d)  tying up innocent trees in yellow ribbons.
In the 60's television show, U.N.C.L.E. stood for
  (b)  United Network Command for Law Enforcement.
In the mid-70's, you had the "dry look" if you
  (b)  used a blow dryer.
In the Spanish Civil War, the Fascists defeated the
  (c)  Libertarians.
In the TV show "Rawhide," Rowdy Yates was played by
  (b)  Clint Eastwood
In "The Wizard of Oz," Dorothy's last name was
  (b)  Gale.
Jack Benny's chauffer was
  (c)  Rochester.
Josephine the _____
  (d)  Plumber
Krakatoa is actually ____ of Java.
  (a)  West
Lizzy Borden gave her mother
  (d)  forty whacks.
"LSD" is
  (b)  able to really mess up your head.
Macadamia nuts are
  (d)  common in Hawaii.
Mace is
  (a)  liquid tear gas.
Marijuana has never been called
  (d)  off.
Mikhail Baryshnikov is famous for?
  (d)  All of the above.
Muhammed Ali was known for
  (d)  All of the above.
Muhammad Ali was originally known as
  (a)  Cassius Clay.
  (c)  the coalition of oil producing countries.
Pearl Harbor is best known for
  (c)  being bombed during World War II.
People discussing arms control are
  (b)  mitigating the destructiveness of war.
Pesticide is
  (c)  a bug killer.
Ronald Reagan was never a
  (b)  professional football player.
Senile people
  (d)  (I forget the fourth answer.)
Social Security is
  (d)  some sort of governmental thing.
Someone interested in animal husbandry
  (d)  breeds livestock.
Spiro Agnew was
  (c)  an ex-con.
STD is
  (b)  something to avoid.
"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is
  (c)  an adjective.
"The Andy Griffith Show" was a spinoff of
  (d)  none of the above
The author of this game likes to wear his hair
  (d)  on the inside.
The Big Bang is
  (c)  how the universe got its start.
The "Domino Theory" refers to
  (b)  Southeast Asia.
The Electoral College is
  (d)  ridiculous.
The fastest speed you would reach if you jumped off a 40-story building is
  (d)  irrelevant to you at the time.
The five Marx brothers were Groucho, Harpo, Chico,
  (b)  Zeppo and Gummo.
The Gestapo was a
  (c)  WWII German police force.
The Mason-Dixon Line is a
  (c)  surveying boundary.
"The Munster's" pet dragon was called
  (a)  Spot.
"The Naked Lunch" is
  (d)  a beatnik novel.
The phrase "Cutting the cheese" refers to
  (d)  flatulence.
The Presidency of Gerald Ford is remembered for
  (d)  nothing much.
The rhythm method is
  (b)  a popular form of birth control.
The term "Baby Boom" refers to the
  (c)  increased birthrate following WWII.
The Trilateral Commission is
  (b)  the international monetary exchange regulatory agency.
The U.S. Vice-President elected in 1988 was
  (d)  All of the above.
The "Women's Suffrage" movement was run by
  (a)  Susan B. Anthony.
TM is most often associated with
  (a)  the Bahgwan Shree Rajneesh.
To impress your date, you should
  (c)  not bring up the vast quantities of ear hair they have.
Two famous sex researchers were
  (b)  Masters and Johnson.
Vertigo is
  (d)  both A and B.
Watergate is
  (a)  a hotel.
What band was Paul McCartney in before Wings?
  (b)  The Beatles
What can you get in a "red light" district?
  (a)  in many cases, trouble
What celebrity was the first Ronald McDonald?
  (a)  Willard Scott
What country produces the Mercedes Benz?
  (a)  The same folks that brought you sauerkraut
What did Gomer Pyle say when he was excited?
  (a)  Shazam!
What does the "F" stand for in JFK?
  (b)  Fitzgerald
What is a "Brainfour?"
  (a)  a thinking device
What is interface protocol?
  (c)  foreplay between consenting computers
What is "Where the Rubber hits the Road?"
  (b)  Firestone
What lies on the back of a Playboy centerfold?
  (a)  several jokes
What occurred at the Bay of Pigs?
  (b)  A big mistake.
What TV show featured an appearance by Richard Nixon?
  (c)  "Laugh-In."
What was the first TV show with the sound of a flushing toilet?
  (d)  "All in the Family"
Which of the following does not belong?
  (c)  Tire iron
Which of the following does not belong?
  (a)  walking the dog
Which of the following is not a Woody Allen film?
  (a)  "Exteriors"
Which of the following was NOT a carbonated drink?
  (a)  "Nik-L-Nip"
Which of these do you consider most offensive?
  (a)  Abstinence
Which of these is not related to fowls.
  (b)  getting laid
Which of these is out of place?
  (c)  bridge club
Which was not a '60s rock group?
  (d)  The Bangles
Which was not a Beatles song?
  (c)  "Put This In Your Mouth"
Who comes on New Year's Eve?
  (d)  Sometimes, me
Who died in "Love Story?"
  (a)  Ali McGraw
Who does not belong?
  (b)  Phyllis Diller
Who does not belong?
  (c)  Stevie Wonder
Who fought the Battle of the Bulge?
  (c)  General MacAuliffe.
Who had a rabbit and a talking grandfather clock?
  (a)  Captain Kangaroo
Who invented "The Twist?"
  (a)  Chubby Checker
Who never won the Nobel Peace Prize?
  (c)  Linus Pauling
Who played Patty Duke's cousin on "The Patty Duke Show?"
  (a)  Patty Duke
Who should be on top, the male or the female?
  (d)  What species?
"Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's
  (d)  chowder?"
Who was not in the original "Saturday Night Live" cast?
  (c)  Eddie Murphy
"You won't have ____ to kick around any more."
  (a)  Richard Nixon
Your abdomen is located
  (c)  beneath your chest.


10.                          Copyright Information


This file is Copyright 2003-2014 Tom Hayes. As it can be difficult to keep
track of websites that haven't posted the latest version of this file, please
do not distribute it without my permission. Send an e-mail to me if you would
like to post this file on your website and you will likely receive a positive
response. If you do post the file, please keep it in its original form with all
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