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Cuddles (Cuddles.txt)

Written by Gary Kelbrick (Eighth Day)
Walk Through with Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

(Start sitting on the floor of your playpen), EXAMINE RED brick (marked 
with the letter D), EXAMINE PLUG, GET BOWL (of sloppy baby food), DROP 
BOWL (you make a mess and nanny lifts you out of the playpen and sits you 
on her knee…. her brooch cuts your face), GET BROOCH, THROW BROOCH (nanny 
crawls around on the floor looking for the brooch), N, N (to a 
north/south corridor), EXAMINE PURPLE block (marked with the letter N).

W (into deserted playground), W, S (by oak tree), EXAMINE BLUE block 
(marked with the letter I), CLIMB TREE (your teddy bear is here with only 
one arm… he asks you to take him into the land of make-believe to find a 
new arm… in return he will help you find your mum), GET TEDDY, D, N, E, 
E, N (by mural), EXAMINE MURAL (you see a green building block), EXAMINE 
GREEN block (marked with the letter B), N (to end of corridor), W (into 
play room), W (by drawbridge with a clockwork soldier guarding it), 
EXAMINE SENTRY box, GET junior HACKSAW, E, E, E (into little boy's room), 
EXAMINE POTTY (you find a yellow brick), EXAMINE YELLOW brick (marked 
with the letter B), W, S, S.

 (to south end of long hall containing a model railway), EXAMINE TUNNEL 
(you discover an orange block), EXAMINE ORANGE block (it's too dark to 
see), GET ORANGE block, EXAMINE ORANGE block (marked with the letter O), 
DROP ORANGE block, N (a fairy is chained to the railway track and you 
hear a train in the distance), CUT CHAIN (using the hacksaw… the fairy 
leaves her wand behind), DROP HACKSAW, GET WAND, N, N (to end of hall 
where the way is blocked by a rocking horse - all the letters you have 
been collecting from the blocks should now be arranged in rainbow colours 
to spell the name of the rocking horse), SAY DOBBIN (the word and wand 
work their magic and the horse gallops off into the distance), DROP WAND, 
N (into short corridor).

N (into store room), GET TRICYCLE, S, W (into child's bedroom where a sad 
rag doll is crying), GET DOLL, E, S, S, S, S, W (into north/south 
corridor), N, N, W, W (to drawbridge with soldier guarding), GIVE DOLL 
(they run off into the sunset and live happily ever after), W (beneath 
portcullis), W (to courtyard with flag flying at the top of a flag pole), 
LOWER FLAG (the flag turns out to be a pair of the Kings underpants!), 
GET UNDIES, E, E, E, E (to corridor), S, S, E, N, N, N, N, E (into 
laundry), E (into pongy nappy cupboard), USE UNDIES (you hold them to 
your mouth and nose to soften the smell), EXAMINE CUPBOARD, GET romper 
romper SUIT, W, S, S, S, S, W (to north/south corridor), S, RIDE 
TRICYCLE, S (note you must be riding the tricycle).

W (into nanny's bedroom where a mirror is shattered), FIX MIRROR (using 
the shard - a black hole forms and you are drawn through… you are inside 
the wooden hollow of a tree), LOOK, GET CANDLE, EXAMINE DOOR (you see a 
brass knocker), KNOCK DOOR (it swings open to reveal a white rabbit with 
a watch), GET WATCH, W (you are nappy deep in snow and must be wearing 
the romper suit to prevent freezing), NW, W, S, S, E, S, W, S, W, S, S, S 
(into cave), GET SPIDER, N, N, N, E, N, E, N, W, W, W (to little mushroom 
house), N (into cosy living room where Little Miss Muffet sits on a 
tuffet eating her curds and whey), DROP SPIDER (it frightens Miss Muffet 
away), GET CURDS, S, W (by old school house here the school bully runs 
off with the curds instead of Teddy).

W, W (well), D (bottom of well), GET BUCKET (and spade), U, E, E, E, E, 
E, E, S, W, S, W, W (into pretty garden), EXAMINE WATCH (the watch hands 
spin and life speeds up… a space-age building appears to the west), W 
(into space-age nursery), W, W (space shuttle), U (cockpit), EXAMINE 
PANEL (see switches), CLOSE DOOR, BELT UP, 2 (fuel pump on), 3 (oxygen 
on), IGNITION (on), 1 (support gantry cleared - you have lift off… you 
touch down on the moon's surface), LOOK, D (into crater), DIG (you find a 
lump of mouldy green cheese), DROP WATCH, DROP SPADE, GET CHEESE, N (to 
steep face of crater), GET ROCKET, S, U (cockpit of space shuttle), CLOSE 
DOOR, BELT UP, 2 (fuel-pump on), 3 (oxygen on), IGNITION (on - you lift 
off and arrive safely back on earth), D, E, E, E, E, E.

N, E, N, W, N (narrow bridge), N (you meet Santa who is stranded in a 
snowdrift), TIE ROCKET (to sleigh), LIGHT FUSE (the sleigh shoots forward 
- Santa doesn't have any spare presents so he gives you a poem), W, W 
(into cottage), EXAMINE STOCKING (Santa has left a "Drink Me" potion), 
GET POTION, E, E (to bottom of hill), DROP TEDDY, DROP CANDLE, S, S, E, 
S, W, S, S (manor house), S (into hall), S (into kitchen where you meet 
the Ugly Sisters), PUT CHEESE (in mouse trap), LOOK (there's now a mouse 
in it), GET MOUSE, N (to grand hallway), GET ARMOUR, WEAR ARMOUR, N, N, 
W, S, S, W, W (you meet Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall), PUSH HUMPTY (he 
tumbles from the wall and shatters….. all the Kings Horses and Men 
descend on you but your armour protects), LOOK, GET APPLE.

W (into pretty rose garden where the Queen of Hearts says that you've 
come to stop the Snow Queen from taking over her kingdom), E, E, E, N, N, 
E, N, E, S, S (to palace entrance), E, E (to end of hall where the Snow 
Queen says to get rid of the Queen of Hearts before midnight or you will 
be enslaved), W, W, N, N, W, S, W, S, S, W, W, W (into rose garden where 
the Queen of Hearts is), E, E, E, N, N, E, N, E, S, S, E, E (back to 
where the Snow Queen is and by visiting the Queen of Hearts the Snow 
Queen thinks she is dead), GIVE APPLE (it was poison and she dies), W, W, 
N, N, W, S, W, S, S, W, W, W (back yet again to the Queen of Hearts who 
gives you a ticket), LOOK, GET TICKET (to the fairground).E, E, E.

N, N, E, N, E, N, W, N, N (to bottom of hill), GET TEDDY, N, N (to edge 
of river), D (rabbit burrow which narrows preventing you from going 
(you turn into a little green frog and can now go north), DROP BOTTLE, 
GET TEDDY, N (you meet Wabbit), N (into a dirty burrow), U (to north bank 
of river), W (to fork in path where Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are 
arguing which way to go), DROP TEDDY, SW, S (into blue grotto), GET HOLE, 
N, NE, E, D (into burrow), S, S, U (to edge of river), S, S, S, S, W, W, 
W, W, W, W, W (to clearing where the seven dwarfs are), GIVE HOLE (one of 
the dwarfs takes it and disappears into the forest singing ad dancing), W 
(yellow brick road), W (to hill overlooking the fairground), W 
(turnstile), GIVE TICKET, W (into deserted fairground), EXAMINE STALL, 
GET BALLOON (deflated), E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E, E.

N, N, N, N, D (into burrow), GET MOUSE, N, N, U (to north bank of river), 
W, SW, S (into blue grotto), NW (grassy plain), W, W (before tower), BLOW 
BALLOON (you rise up and find yourself perched on a window ledge), W 
(into room with a ticking clock and a sleeping princess), DROP MOUSE (it 
runs up the clock… the princess awakes and kisses you…. you return to 
normal), LOOK, EXAMINE FLOOR (you discover a trapdoor), OPEN DOOR, D (to 
end of tunnel), E, E, U (to edge of grassy plain), SE (into blue grotto), 

NE (to fork in path), GET TEDDY, NW, W, W (to market square - note don't 
enter here as a frog!), W, S, S (into field with a rainbow), S (you meet 
Little Bo Peep), GET CALF, N, N, N, E (to market square), SWAP CALF (the 
farmer swaps it for a small bag of seed), W, S, E (to compost heap), 
PLANT SEEDS (a beanstalk grows into the sky), U (beanstalk), U, U (onto 
cloud where you see a rainbow), FOLLOW RAINBOW, FOLLOW RAINBOW, FOLLOW 
RAINBOW (onto a golden cloud where you meet a man dressed in white robes 
who beckons you to follow, but don't follow north or the game ends 
without full score), W (following the sun you enter Teddy's Heaven where 
Sebastian, King of the Teddy's tells you to make a wish), WISH TEDDY (you 
wake up in the playpen with Mum and you see that you have your Teddy as 
good a new with a brand new arm.)

SCORE 100%

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