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Case of the Beheaded Smuggler, The (Case_of_the_Beheaded_Smuggler.txt)

(Mental Images/Zenobi)


X Victor, Talk to Victor, X Body, Wait (Dr Watson examines body), X Head, X Ash, 
X Tracks, X Note, X Button, X Watson, I, X Card, Count Money,  S, S, X Snow, Get 
Key, X Gates, X Cloth, N, N, E, X Stick, X Tip, Push Tip, Get Bullet, X Bullet, 

U, E, X Razor, W, N, X Bust, Open Wardrobe, Get Coat Out, X Coat, Look Pocket, 
Get Key Out, X key, Get Tickets Out, X Tickets, Drop Tickets, Drop Coat, S, D, 
S, E, X Notepad, X Envelope, X Desk, Unlock Desk, Drop key, Open Desk, Get Gun, 
X Gun, X Pen, Get Packet, X Packet, Get Envelope  

W, Drop Envelope, Drop Packet, X Ashtray, N, N, X Glass, X Goblet, Open Window, 
N, X Pot, Push Pot, Lift Hatch, D, X Chest, Load Gun, <save game as can miss>, 
Shoot Padlock, Drop Gun, Open Chest, Look in Chest, Get Ledger Out, X Ledger, 
Get Rope Out, U, N, N, N, X Ice, N, N, X Fence, S, S, S, S, S, S, S  E, X 
Dagger, Unlock Door, Drop Large Key, Open Door, N, X Annie, X Lucy, Talk to 
Annie, Question Annie, Talk to Lucy, Question Lucy, X Fireplace, X Letter, S, S, 
X Newspaper, 

Tap Panels, Push Panel, E, Get Diary, X Diary, W, W, W, X Piano, Play Piano, 
Lift Lid, Get Necklace, X Necklace, Get Matches, N, U, X Ladder,Throw Rope, N, 
Get Lamp, S, Light Lamp, Climb Rope, X Mattress, S, D, W, S, S, Open Gate, S, S, 

Finish Part 1 with 96%


Note no save or password for part 2 but info gained in Part 1 is crucial


I, X Revolver, X Money, Hail Cab, Say Albert (docks from ledger in part 1), N, 
Open Door, X Padlock, Shoot Padlock, Drop Gun, Open Door, N, W, X Desk, E, E, X 
Desk, Open Drawer, W, S, S, E, E, S, D, Get Pipe, X Pipe, S, X Man, Get Key, 
Give Pipe to Man (immediately after get key), X Key, N, U, N, W, W, N, N, E, 
Unlock Drawer, Drop Key, Open Drawer, Get Card, X Card, Get Cutting, X Cutting, 
Get Note, X Note, Get Photo, X Photo, W, S, S,  

Hail Cab, Say Tottenham (court rd from ledger in part 1), N, Open Door, Knock on 
Door, Show Card, Talk Henry, X Book, Sign Book, Drop Card, N, X Box, Get Box, X 
Briefcase, Get Receipt, X Receipt, X Curtains, Pull Cord, X Door, X Mesh, Say 
Fellow, X Man, Get Sword, Hit Man, Get Sword, X Sword, W, U, N, Stand on Desk, 
Drop Box, Stand on Box, Open Window, Climb Through Window, D, W, Hail Cab, Say 
Albert, E, E, S, Talk to Lady, D, S, Accuse Maudsley

Finish Part 2 with 100%


Solution written by Zenobifan (ZF) 
1st October 2009

Displayed on the Classic Adventures Solution Archive: