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Street Patroller Remix (street_patroller_2_walkthrough.txt)

NOTE2: The Shopping Centre is open from 9am to 5.30pm. You have to travel through it to visit the
various parts
of the game so you'll have to plan your journeys around this. However, you can return to your
home to sleep through
the sewer system once you've been able to lift the manhole.

The game starts on May 2nd (based on you sleeping until your birthday on May 3rd).
At the start the most important thing is to get your police badge before you're suspended and
lose your uniform.
Look, Exam Uniform, Get Badge, SE, E, N, Open Cabinet
SAVE GAME SP2-1 - SCORE = 0 / 0
You now need to kill some time before you can get your birthday card, go to your parents' house
and get some cash.
E, N, W, NW, N, N, N, E, SE, E, N, Get Bottle, Get Syringe, S, WAIT 10, Sleep (now May 3rd -
8.50am), W, Get Card, Exam Card
SAVE GAME SP2-2 - SCORE = 0 / 0
NW, W, S, Y (to Take the Car ?), E, S (you get away with speeding showing your police badge), SE, E,
S (get gift from
parents - documents), N, W, NW, N, W, N (back at your house)
SAVE GAME SP2-3 - SCORE = 0 / 0
Take documents to new bank for cash - £15,000
S, S, S, S, W, NW (Receive £15,000 cash for deeds)
SAVE GAME SP2-4 - SCORE = 0 / 0
NW, W, W, S, Buy Robot, Get Robot, Press Orange Button (Time is May 3rd, 11:25)
SAVE GAME SP2-5 - SCORE = 10 / 0
N, E, E, SE, SE, E, N, N, NW, NW, W, S, HIRE TREV, N, E, SE, SE, N, E, SE, E, Call Simkins, Exam
Plant (she gives it to you)
SAVE GAME SP2-5a - SCORE = 30 / 0
Now to tackle the programmer. You will need to be at the auto-lock gate at 3.00am, so you will need
to get some shut-eye first
so you are awake then.
Press Orange Butt (Time is May 3rd, 13:25), Press Grey Button (transfers cash to electronic account
so the mugger can't get it),
W, NW, W, S, S, SE, E, S, W, W, SW, W, NE, W, W, W, S, S, E, Hide,
SAVE GAME SP2-5b - SCORE = 40 / 0
Press Orange Button (Time is May 3d, 15:15), Wait 50 x 3, Wait 40, Sleep (NOW IS MAY 03 18:35)
W, N, N, E, N, N (Now in Programmer's Front Garden)
Knock Door, Knock Door, Paul Grace, Open Folder, Exam Folder (Programmer gives you a match, a can
and some nuts)
SAVE GAME SP2-7 - SCORE = 60 / 0
Give Can to Drunk, W, N, N, W, W, SE, Press Orange Button (Time is May 4th, 04:25)
SAFE GAME SP2-8 - SCORE = 70 / 0
The beggar won't be here this early so you'll have to wait until 9am
Wait 4, Wait 30, Look, Give Nuts to Beggar, Give Match to Beggar, Ask Beggar for Crowbar
SAVE GAME SP2-9 - SCORE = 80 / 0
N, N, E, E, E, E, SW, E, NE, Lift Manhole with Crowbar, Down, Drop Crowbar, N, E, W, SW, Get
Invitation, SE, NE, E, NW (Kitchen)
SAVE GAME SP2-10 - SCORE = 90 / 0
Exam Invitation (You are invited to enter your dog in the guest race, May 14, 7.30pm), Press Orange
Button (Time is May 4th, 11:20)
SAVE GAME SP2-11 - SCORE = 90 / 0
Wait Until May 7 (Trev calls to say he's found the jewels and that there's some radio
interference caused by a pirate radio
station), W, S, S, S, SE, E, S, W, W, SW, W, NE, W, W, W, W, N, NE, N, N, N, Press Red Button, Call
Trev, Look x 16
(Trev arrives), Raid Station, Get Microphone
SAVE GAME SP2-11a - SCORE = 110 / 0
S, S, E, SE, SE, E, N, N, N, N, E, Press Orange Button (Time is May 7th 13:25)
SAVE GAME SP2-11b - SCORE = 110 / 0
Wait Until May 14, Press Orange Button (Time is May 14, 09:05).
SAVE GAME SP2-12 - SCORE = 110 / 0
Wait 7, SE, Call Butch, NW, W, S, S, S, SE, E, S, W, W, SW, W, NE, W, W, W, W, N, NE, Press Orange
Butt (Time is May 14, 18:00)
SAVE GAME SP2-13 - SCORE = 110 / 0
Open Bott, Fill Syringe, Wait 50, Give Invit to Assist, S, Inject Butch, Look (Butch wins ! You get
a trophy)
SAVE GAME SP2-14 - SCORE = 130 / 0
S (you get set upon by thugs who won't let you move unless you give them the trophy), Squeeze
Plant (Bang ! Bang ! The microphone
amplifies the sound of the popping and scares off the thugs who leave behind a knife), Get Knife
SAVE GAME SP2-15 - SCORE = 140 / 0
Now return to house to get some more kip before going with Trev to get the sword from the stately
E, E, E, SW, E, NE, Down, N, E, W, SW, SE, NE, E, NW (Kitchen)
SAVE GAME SP2-16 - SCORE = 140 / 0
Press Orange Butt (Time is May 14 21:00), Drop Bottle, Drop Syringe, Drop Plant, Drop Card, Drop
SAVE GAME SP2-17 - SCORE = 140 / 0
Sleep, Press Orange Button (Time is May 15 05:35), Wait 3, W, W, S, S, S, W, Buy Travelbed, Get
Travelbed, E, E,
Buy Monocle, Buy Moustache, Buy Stick, Get Monocle, Get Moustache, Get Stick, W, SE, Buy Overcoat,
Get Overcoat,
E, Buy Hat, Get Hat, W, NW
SAVE GAME SP2-18 - SCORE = 140 / 0
S, Buy Spade, Get Spade, Buy Fork, Get Fork, W, Buy Screwdriver, Get Screwdriver, W, Buy Plug, Get
Plug, E, E, N
SAVE GAME SP2-19 - SCORE = 140 / 0
Call Trev (Meet me in my office), N, NW, NW, W, S, Call Trev, N, E, SE, SE, S, S, W, NW, NW, W,
Press Orange Button (Time is May 15 13:25)
SAVE GAME SP2-20 - SCORE = 140 / 0
W, NW, NW, Wait 4, Look, Look, Look, S, Lift Trev, Get Sword, N, E, Exam Desk, Exam Drawer, Get Key,
Unlock Door,
Open Door, E, Exam Rail, Get Umbrella, SW, SE (a time check reveals you are overstaying your welcome
and you go home)
SAVE GAME SP2-21 - SCORE = 140 / 0
Now to get the trawl
Wait 2, Sleep, Press Orange Button (Time is May 16 05:30), Wait 3, W, S, S, Look, S, S, W, NW, NW,
W, N, W,
Press Orange Button (Time is May 16 09:40), Wait 8, Look, Look, SW (the dock workers have gone as
it's 6pm),
W, Cut Trawl with Sword, Get Trawl
SAVE GAME SP2-22 - SCORE = 150 / 0
Now to get the jewels
E, NE, E, S, S, SW, W, N, W, Dig Hole, Cut Thread with Sword, Get Jewels, E, S, E
SAVE GAME SP2-23 - SCORE = 170 / 0
S, W, W, Sleep, Press Orange Button (Time is May 17 03:55), Wait 5, Call Trevor, E, E, N, NE, N, E,
SE, SE, E, N,
N, NW, NW, W, S
SAVE GAME SP2-24 - SCORE = 180 / 0
Wait 2, Wait 20, Call Trevor, N, E, SE, SE, S, S, W, NW, NW, W
SAVE GAME SP2-25 - SCORE = 180 / 0
S, SW, S, W, Press Black Button (records your message to the thieves), S, Get Camera (Trevor was
holding it), Hide,
Give Trawl to Trevor, Press Green Button (Trev climbs up the large tree, your message plays
provoking the thieves
to come out all guns blazing), Use Camera (you snap the gun happy thieves and Trev drops the trawl
net on them then
the police arrive) - you are now at the police station
SAVE GAME SP2-26 - SCORE = 190 / 0
Give ID to Police (you're now exonerated of the charge of stealing the jewels, now you have to
repay your loan somehow)
SAVE GAME SP2-27 - SCORE = 200 / 0
(You're now back in your bedroom).
Get Robot, W, NW, W, S, S, NW, S, Hire Solicitor
Sue Daily - FINAL SCORE = 210 / 0