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Abracadabra (Abracadabra_hints.txt)


You can type several commands at once, but you must use 'Y' (=and) to 
separate them. 
s Y decir alcuino "dar cruz" Y e Y e Y s Y bajar <- 6 commands 
o Y o Y dejar raton Y coger colmillo <- 4 commands 
TIPS (1st part) 
- To get ring you've to type this: DECIR TRIMUS "DAR ANILLO" 
- To get cross you've to type this: DECIR ALCUINO "DAR CRUZ" 
- How to get fly: You must be at Trock's room [in the basement] (the fly can 
appear anywhere, but you must hunt it here). When that happens (you'll need 
luck) use these commands: 
DECIR TROCK "CAZAR MOSCA" (he hunts the fly) 
DECIR TROCK "MATAR MOSCA" (he kills the fly) 
DECIR TROCK "DAR MOSCA" (he gives you the fly) 
- How to hunt mouse: Drop CHEESE in the room with a hole and use a BROOM to 
kill it (the broom is in the witch's room). 
TIPS (2nd part) 
Where's thistle: From starting screen you'll have to use these commands: S, 
O(x3), N, E 
How to pick up thistle: Use these commands: 
(if you try "arrancar cardo" or "coger cardo" you won't be able to pick up

How to use thistle: Find a horse and use this command: 
- molestar caballo con cardo 
(when you use this command the horse breaks a wall, don't try to use this 
command twice or you'll die ;) ) 
How to know the item that wants the blind man: DECIR CIEGO "AYUDA" (or HABLAR 
How to know the item that wants the hunter: DECIR FUCHS "AYUDA" (or HABLAR 
- The hunter gives you the hawk if you give him another animal. In the forest 
are two: a squirrel and a snake. 
- To kill the squirrel, you must throw it a stone (you can pick up stones 
- Squirrel appear in forest screens. 
- The snake appears when you use a flute -you get that item in the shop-. You 
must kill it using a knife. If you try to pick up it when it's alive, you 
How to get hawk: 
WAY 1: Squirrel 
- Get a stone (type 'coger piedra') 
- Squirrel can appear anywhere (inside the forest). When you see one, you can 
kill it typing this: 'lanzar piedra ardilla' 
- Finally, pick it up and give it to Fuchs to get the hawk. 
WAY 2: Snake 
- Get coin (using 'Mirar debajo piedra' and 'coger moneda') 
- Get mace [at blacksmith] and change mace by key [at shop] 
- With key, unlock a door and get the sickle. 
- Change sickle by flute [at shop] 
- Go to inn and ask for menu (to pay the menu you need a coin -it's hidden 
under a stone at screen where you begin-) 
- When you've the menu, get the knife. [get the chicken's leg if you don't 
want to use the thistle with horse] 
- Go to forest. 
- Use flute (you have to type 'tocar flauta') -snake appears- 
- Kill snake with knife (you have to type 'matar culebra con cuchillo') 
- Pick it up and give it to Fuchs (the hunter) and you'll get a hawk. 
How to disturb horse: 
Way 1: Thistle: 
Use these commands: 
- arrancar cardo con cuidado 
- coger cardo con cuidado 
.... and finally: 
- molestar caballo con cardo [horse breaks wall] 
Way 2: Needle: 
Type these commands: 
- mirar debajo piedra (do this at screen where you begin, a coin appears) 
- coger moneda 
- decir umbeer "coger moneda" [do this inside the inn, you get the menu 
(fork+knife+chicken leg)] 
- coger pollo [and don't forget to get the knife if you want to kill the 
snake :) ] 
- comer pollo [you get the bone] 
- dejar hueso [do this at wolf' screen] 
- buscar aguja en paja(x3) [you find a needle in the haystack] 
- coger aguja 
.... and finally: 
- molestar caballo con aguja [horse breaks wall] 
Note: in this list of commands it isn't included when you've to go north, 
south,... (look at the map) :P 
Useless items (always): hemlock (it's in forest), saucepan (you get a paper -
another useless item-), flour (you get a mandolin -another useless item-), 
fork (you get it when you pay the menu), 
Items that can be useless if you hunt the snake: 
stone (you can pick up them in the forest or the starting screen ;) ) 
Items that can be useless if you hunt the squirrel: 
coin, mace, key, sickle, knife (one of the items you can get when you buy the 
Items that can be useless if you use the thistle: 
chicken leg (it's another item that appears when you buy a menu), the bone 
(it appears when you eat chicken's leg), needle (it appears when you decide 
to look for a needle in a haystack -you've to do that 3 times or you won't 
find one-)

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