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Desert of Destiny (desert_of_destiny_solution.txt)

Solution by Csabo/LOD 2020.

*** Plane
drop suit
(get newspaper)
(read newspaper)
(drop newspaper)
(get envelope)
(open envelope)
(read letter)
(drop letter)
(insert cassette)
(play tape) (You have to talk to your contact about a writing instrument)
u, n, go door
(read dial)
push black (opens the hatch)
get key
exit, s
unlock door
open door
go door
get parachute
don paracute
get canteen
get match
go hatch

*** Oasis
get board
put board
go board (sinks into the quicksand)
(if the nomad isn't here, keep typing "look" until he appears)
talk nomad ("meet me at a quiet place!")
(talk nomad) ("tell me your id-code!")
say quill (you get a jade gem)
n, w
get robes
e, e
don robe
go tent
hug girl (the girl gives you a flute)
drop robes
n, w, w
fill canteen
get fodd
cut rope
drop fodd
get rope
(talk priest)
give canteen
go tent
get lamp
get shovel
exit, w
play flute
play flute
play flute
play flute (snake leaves)
drop flute
e, s, s, u
get nut
eat nut
get nut
d, n, w
drink water
n, go cave
light match
light lamp
off match
dig mark
drop shovel
get money
off lamp
tie rope

*** Siwah
n, n, n, go gate, n, n, n, n
give nut (the boy gives you a compass)
w, s, s
buy corn (use "eat cereals" when the game says you're hungry)
(if the nomad isn't here, keep typing "look" until he appears)
give gem ("come to my home!", you get a key)
s, w
unlock door
drop key
open door
go door
(talk nomad)
give crystal  
exit, e, e
go temple
pray (priest gives you a rare tincture)
exit, n
drink water
w, w

*** Desert
w (you get stung by a scorpion)
drink tincture
w, w (lost in storm)
examine compass
dig gap
put crystal
go door (you fall down a dark shaft)

*** Pyramid
light match
light flare
off match
get jar (it's acid)
get cereals
pull gold (you find a coat)
get coat
don coat
light match
light lamp
off match
get bag
fill lamp
drop acid (the webs dissolve)
climb pedestal
e, go gap, d, e
fill jar
get brush
paint statue (comes to life, drops something)
exit, w
empty jar
fill jar (with water)
e, n
rub statue (paint comes off, turns back to a statue)
get globe
(examine globe)
rub globe (starts to glow)
exit, w, w
get crown
don crown ("say the magic word now!")
say mars (you fall down a dark shaft)

*** Endgame
open sarcophagus
get mummy
go sarcophagus
get snake
drop snake (down the stairs, which distracts the rats)
d, e
get nut
eat nut
go door
press black
press white
press red
go door
go door
press (a doorway appears)
go door
get crystal
get globe
put globe (a doorway appears)
go door
get space suit
don space suit
rub crystal (the hatch opens)
go hatch
press red (the airlock cycles)
e, n, n
say earth
go door (you win!)