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Sweet Sixteen (sweet_sixteen_solution.txt)

call buddy (+1, you can now move about the house)
n, u, s, w (Nova's father's room)
examine shelf
get film
s, e, n, d, s, nw
open cabinet
get pan
open fridge
get steak
stove on
cook steak (+5)
get spade
se (you hear Nova's father eat, then goes to his room)
examine book (+5)
get disk
computer on (+5, Nova's brother's diary :-/)
e, e
get lighter
sit (+5, you find a key)
get key
w, nw, n, e
dig (+10, you find a map)
drop spade
get map
(examine map)
examine shed (you find a lantern)
get lantern
lantern on
drop lighter
nw, w, s, se, ne (+15, using the map you find the hideaway)
get slr
load film (+5)
drop map
n, u, s, e, s
examine cabinet
get silver
n, w, n, u, s
unlock padlock
drop silver
remove padlock
drop padlock
open cabinet (+5)
get chain
n, d, s, s, w (Nova's closet)
(examine dresser)
open drawer
get diary
get her (+5, she will follow you)
n, n, d, d
examine stairs (+5)
unlock panel
open panel
drop lantern
attach chain (+5)
chain her (+9)
e, s
examine dirty (you find a key)
get pink
unlock diary
read diary (+5)
n, w
lift skirt
drop suit
fuck ass (+10)
remove top
suck tits (+15)
eat pussy (+15)
fuck her (+20, congrats, 145/145)