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Gate of Power (gate_of_power_hints.txt)

I got lost swimming in the ocean!
{{SWIM EAST at the start.}}
I got lost in the jungle!
{{After arriving on the island, go East first, then North.}}
I couldn't get either boat to work.
{{There's a PADDLE to be found in the motor boat, go down and open the wardrobe.}}
The captain wouldn't let me stay on his ship.
{{GIVE him the SKULL you found on the island.}}
Which destination should I choose?
I get stopped at the airport and I can't find a passport anywhere.
{{There's no passport to be found, but maybe you can bribe your way through.}}
I still don't know how to get past the airport!
{{Give the taxi driver a tip, PAY 25 instead of 15, he gives you cigarettes, which you can give to
the officer.}}
Which way to I drive the Jeep?
What should I buy in the store that the professor enters?
{{Nothing, this is a dead end that doesn't have to be visited.}}
I died in the cave!
{{GO NORTH first, then LIGHT LAMP.}}