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Deliverer 2: Escape to Eskelos (Deliverer_2-Hints.txt)

by Brian Parks
Spectrum 48

The original game seems to have a "bug" in it, so use the "fixed" one available
at CASA instead.

There are many, many random elements in this game. The maze route through the coloured corridors
being one of the worst. 


The first thing you need to do is escape from the prison through the hatch. Take what you need
quickly, the screwbot will return to your cell. Find a way to keep him there.

You will find two locations you can visit.

To get through the maze corridors:
Mapping is not needed. What you need to do is determine the layout of this maze. You will soon
become aware that there are two types of corridor, one type of corridor has a junction and the other
doesn't. Once you have the north-south sequence (it follows the Greek alphabetic sequence -
starting at the innermost corridor and going north from alpha the sequence of sectors is alpha,
beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta) you can manoeuvre better.

Once you reach the maintenance shaft, going east back takes you back to the white corridor. But it
may not be the original one.

From the maintenance shaft, go E, then follow the route to one of two locations. I suggest you
follow the route the memo lays out first.

Don't have the other location? Check you clothes. Put it back.

You will need to REST and WAKE in a suitable location to regain stamina points. Along the way you
will find other sources of stamina.

A good place to drop things is at the maintenance shaft. From whichever direction you reach it, all
your things will be there.

Carry only what you need as extra weight uses up more stamina points, or let the tidybot take the

Can't find the tidybot? Make a mess in a coloured corridor.

To get some objects you need that you may have put in another object. "GET <object> OUT
OF <object>. Sometimes FROM works, sometimes not.

There are also random elements once you get to the venue where there are workdroids. They have a
tendency to wander, but on your instruction will go in the direction you want them to as well as
perform certain actions. (Use quotation marks for the instruction; remember to use their descriptors
– e.g. SAY TO TALL WORKDROID "<instruction>"). You should explore first, then
locate the workdroid you need for the task you need done. If you don't want them to take your
things, leave them behind in the maintenance shaft. 

The necessary workdroids for pushing the button and getting the rope are pretty obvious. That leaves
three robots. Save the huge workdroid for later. You should take him with you when you follow the

Can't get the robots to help you? You need to find a way to talk to them.

Terri Sheehan and Alastair