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Once a King (Once_a_King_solution.txt)

Solution for the public domain Atari ST text adventure "Once a King" (1988). 
Programming by Darryn Lavery. Game Text by Mark Griffiths.
This solution has been tested on V2 of the game dated 24 March 1988.

Text solution:-
get crown, wear crown, n, get potato, s, s, w, d (you are given a CD), s, 
give cd (you get a magazine), n, u, e, use magazine, use potato (you get a 
key), unlock door, open door, s, d, e, e (as you are wearing the crown you get 
arrested and put in a padded cell), [inventory], eat crayon (you are 
transferred to the day ward), give crown (you get a walkman), s, d, e, n, 
give walkman (you get a binbag), wear binbag, s, d, e, u (boring dull 
corridor), n, n, w, s, get soap, shower, n, perform, n (THE END)

benkid77 - 16 May 2021