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Figment Demonstration Game (Figment-Demonstration-Game.txt)

Solution for the Figment text adventure "Figment Demonstration Game" 
(1988-1990) published by Patch Panel software. 

"Figment: The Imagination Processor" is a shareware MS-DOS multimedia authoring 
system for interactive fiction.

This demonstration game along with the Figment executable can be downloaded 
from the IF archive at

This walkthrough is largely based on the files DEMO.LOG and CLUE.DOC found 
within the Figment zip file at

Note:- this walkthrough is only valid if the game is started with the command:-

figment demo 10

This sets the random seed to allow for a successful outcome in combat. If the 
parameter "10" is omitted then the player is very likely to die during combat 
during the early stages of the game while following this walkthrough. 

Note:- commands in square brackets are purely optional although generally 
informative. Notes are in round brackets.

Text solution:- 
(You start in the mountains with only a "nice feeling" in your possession)
look (a stick is revealed), [examine stick] (*note1), take stick (*note2), give 
wand to fairy (*note3), [examine metal] (it’s a chain mail vest), take metal, 
[examine rusty] (*note4), take rusty (a bear appears), take wand from fairy, 
fight bear (*note5), 0, 0 ,0, 6 (the bear is dead), n (a dwarf appears, 
blocking your exit), hex dwarf, 6 (the dwarf is gone), take gold, n (foggy 
hollow), take knapsack, open knapsack (*note6), take spray from knapsack (must 
lighten load for later), drop spray, n (dark forest), take fungus (it is 
edible), s, s, take candy from knapsack, eat candy, d (beach), open box, take 
potion from box, open potion, drink potion (it’s the sound of a land shark 
approaching), drink potion, drink potion, charm shark (you get his gold chain), 
u, w (spooky cave), [examine bow], take bow, n (hall of kings), abracadabra, e 
(olaf’s den), drop feeling, u (penthouse), put gold in knapsack (hide it from 
olaf), take fungus from knapsack, eat fungus, put gold in knapsack (second gold 
item), take quiver, d, w (hall of kings), shoot the bat with the bow (*note7), 
drop potion, take legend, e (olaf’s den), take torch from table, d (crevice), 
look (reveals gold nuggets), take nuggets, d, u, s (home), read legend (... You 
made it! ...)(*note8), [look]

*note1 - The words "I want to go a-wand-ering" are carved in the stick, hinting 
that it is in fact a wand.

*note2 - Until the stick is taken, it can only be referred to as a "stick", but 
once in your possession it can only be referred to as a "wand".

*note3 - The fairy removes a curse from a metal vest, which is needed shortly.

*note4 - It’s an old sword with "Ursus Major Destructo" written on the handle, 
a hint that it can be used against bears.

*note5 - The input prompt changes from "Player:" to "Wager:" on entering 
"combat mode". In this mode the player enters the number of health points to 
gamble on each turn of combat. Where the value "0" appears in the solution, it 
can be omitted and just <ENTER> pressed instead.

*note6 - The knapsack contains a number of items, mostly red herrings - 
although the candy bar can be eaten.

*note7- There is an element of randomness here. Often, the bat will be killed 
with the first shot and no damage to the player. If not, then keep shooting 
until the bat is killed, or occasionally the player will die, in which case a 
restart is needed.

*note8 - The game does not actually exit when completed. Type "q" to quit back 
to DOS.

benkid77 - 07 July 2021