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Brecon Street (brecon-street.txt)

c.1991 by "Nathan J"

An unfinished, GACed text adventure, discovered on an old disk in a computer shop in Cantebury by
Frank Gasking of GamesThatWeren't... see... 

Solution by Strident...

You start in the kitchen. But what do you need to do in the game?

E, N, EXAMINE FRONT DOOR (you see a Christmas card), GET CARD, EXAMINE CARD (Find 4 from 5 presents
and say a seasonal message in the living room), S, W, GET TURKEY, OPEN OVEN, PUT TURKEY IN OVEN, GET
BROWN (present), CLOSE OVEN, N, GET BLUE (present), S, E, N, U (ignore the airing cupboard door!), S
(to the bathroom), GET TOILET (roll), WIPE ARS, GET RED (present), N, W (where there is a pink
present... a red herring... ignore it!), E, E, GET GREEN (present), W, D, S, MERRY CHRISTMAS

You have finished... "you lucky pilchard".