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Anttilis Mission, The (Anttilis_Mission_solution.txt)

by Jon R. Lemmon
© 1992 Compass Software

You play the part of captain Alan Henson. Your mission is to pilot the Anttillis rescue vessel to
the location of the ZX3 experimental sub, which has sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. You
must dock with the ZX3 and gain entry. You have been given the top secret ZX3 scan report which
gives you an idea of what you are up against. Your mission is vital, if the malfunctioning android
crew manage to arm all 4O nuclear missiles they will automatically launch. If this happens, the high
radiation from these exploding missiles would cause all life on this planet to cease! The ZX3 must
be brought to the surface at all costs.
1: Neutralise all malfunctioning androids.
2: Disarm as many nuclear missiles as possible. 
   Note: Malfunctioning androids will arm missiles.
3: Locate sub's main computer and get it functional.

ZX3 being bombarded by high powered neutrons.... Beginning to effect all subs control systems.
Outside scan shows ZX3 surrounded by heavy neutron field.
Unable to transmit out and losing all primary electrical systems. Androids malfunctioning on all
levels, attempting to keep control of android 1, but low power readings from that unit.
Closing down main computer memory core to preserve programming. Watertight doors, energiser units
and decontamination units on overload, malfunction imminent.
Reactor beginning to leak, high radiation within ZX3's hull. Depth at 14 miles, beginning to
stabilise.... Launching information in COMLINK pod, shut down precedere has been activated.........

As mentioned in the game INFO, due to the ZX3's systems malfunctioning some commands may not
work on first attempt (NON FUNCTIONAL / UNABLE TO BREAK CODE / UNABLE TO ASSIST YOU). That concerns
the energiser units (INSERT SCANNER) and the decontamination chambers (PRESS BUTTON) as well as the
computer commands for opening doors (CD) or disarm missiles (CM), reprogram androids (CP) and CH to
break the lock codes, so keep trying as they will work eventually.
Because the message WATERTIGHT DOOR HAS BEEN SEALED appears randomly, the CD commands to open a door
have been omitted in the solution.
Whenever you see the message 'Bodies radiation level critical', go immediately to the
closest decontamination unit. The power level of your scanner you have to monitor yourself (command
SPL), as you will not receive a message when the energy is running out. To be on the safe side, it
is recommended to recharge the scanner or set the radiation level to zero whenever you are near the
relevant units (loc. 18/21/39 or loc. 45 on each deck).
The behavior of Android 2 is also random, what means it will not stay in one place for long, so it
doesn't appear in the solution. When you encounter it and there's another Android with it,
neutralize it with the command CP 2.
If the system reports a generator malfunction (another random process): ON TORCH, go to the
generator room (loc. 27), X GENERATOR, INSERT BOLT (provided you have it), PULL LEVER, OFF TORCH.

U, OPEN HATCH, GO, CLOSE HATCH, X SIGN (this is the emergency ballast control button), E, GET
SCANNER, X CONTROLS, X PANEL, X DEPTH (0 miles), W, D, X SIGN (this lever controls the emergency
power dump circuit), U, W, GET TORCH, E, E, X DEPTH (1 mile), L (repeat until your contact is lost),
CH (4%), PRESS BUTTON (autopilot has been activated), L (repeat until you have docked with the ZX3),
L (the Anttilis shakes and begins to slip off), PRESS RED, W, D, OPEN HATCH, D, X ANDROID, U, U, W,
PRESS BUTTON, X ANDROID (Android [5] has been neutralised), E, D, D, D, D.

W, W, X BOX (you see a small girl inside), W, W, W, W, X ANDROID (set on self-destruct), W, X
BUTTONS, PRESS 3, PRESS 3, E, X ANDROID (Android [6] has been neutralised), E, GO, PRESS BUTTON,
EXIT, W, X POWER, INSERT SCANNER, 7 x E, CP, STORE (in case the decontamination unit doesn't
work at first attempt; if that happens, RECALL), X ANDROID (Android [4] has been neutralised), W, U,
W, GO, PRESS BUTTON, EXIT, E, D, E, X REACTOR (the dampening rod has been pulled out!), PUSH ROD, W,
X GAUGE, U, U, W, W, GET ROPE AND X IT (the rope is elasticated!), W, W, CP, X ANDROID (Android [9]
has been neutralised), GET ZX AND X IT, INSERT ZX IN SCANNER, X PANEL (it shows the missiles
currently armed), W, W, X SONAR, W, X ANDROID, GET CABLE, INSERT CABLE (you learn something about
has been neutralised), X LCD, X TORPEDO, INPUT 0030, INPUT 0000, 9 x E, D, X ANDROID (Android [8]
has been neutralised), GET KEY, W, CP, GET BOLT, X ANDROID (Android [3] has been neutralised).

E, U, U, W, W, W, W, X PANEL, STORE (this is recommended because you haven't any chance to go
on when you miss to recharge your scanner in time since then you even cannot open watertight doors),
CM (repeat until most of the missiles are disarmed [there should be less than 10 armed ones], but
take care of your SPL - you can disarm about 7 missiles in a row, after this you have to go to the
next energiser room [W, W, W] and recharge your scanner), E, E, E, E, D, D, W, W, STORE (in case the
decontamination unit doesn't work at first or second attempt what means the girl dies), UNLOCK
BOX, GET GIRL, W, W, W, GO, PRESS BUTTON (the girl has stopped convulsing), EXIT, 5 x E (the girl
tells you a code).

U, E, INPUT 0013 (you are transported to a circular shaped room; the girl's father thanks you
for saving his daughter's life, CD (repeat if necessary until four bright lights hit you), NE
(you see an orb), GET ORB AND X IT, SW, CD, SE, X CYLINDERS, NW, CD, SW, X TABLE, NE, CD, NW, X
LIGHT, W, W, GO, PRESS BUTTON, EXIT, E, INSERT SCANNER, D, W, W, W, W, X LCD, CH (repeat until all 5
lock codes are broken - the ZX3's main operating system has been activated. Reactor engaged:
engine building up power), E, E [human life form has been detected, evacuate ZX3 immediately], E, E,
U, U [internal radiation will be increased; transferring energy to the engines], ON TORCH, U, CLOSE
HATCH [forward ballast tanks have fired...], U, W, PRESS BUTTON, E, OFF TORCH, PRESS BUTTON (blowing
main emergency ballast tanks, ZX3 beginning to surface), E.

X DEPTH (14 miles), L, X DEPTH (continue entering the L and X DEPTH commands to watch the Anttilis
rising; when the depth reaches 4 miles the orb begins to glow), X ORB (the girl's father thanks
you once more), L, X DEPTH (repeat L and X DEPTH until the octopus appears), W, D, PULL LEVER (the
octopus has been killed but is still wrapped around the hull so the Anttilis is sinking again), U,
E, X DEPTH, L, X DEPTH (repeat L and X DEPTH until a strange green light enters the hull and the
Anttilis begins to rise), X DEPTH, L, X DEPTH (continue entering L and X DEPTH until the Anttilis
has surfaced and you have been lowered onto the deck), W, OPEN HATCH, U, D (the whole crew is
cheering you; well done - you have scored 97%)

Solution by boldir, January 2022