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Wings of War (Wings_of_War.txt)

Wings of War
by Pete Lucas


The starting location is randomly determined, but you will always start outside of the chateau. This
walkthrough will take you to the location of your binoculars before it continues in normal fashion.

If your starting location is "dark and musty" and your German dictionary is on the ground
then: N, E.

If you start in any other wood location then keep going E until you reach your binoculars.

If you start on a "quiet road alongside the chateau (wall)" then: S, and keep going E
until you reach your binoculars.

Get binoculars, w, s, get dictionary, s, w (your torch is to the west but you do not need it - it
lacks batteries), n.

E, e, n, get paper, read paper, s, e, e, n, e, say heil (you need to be carrying the dictionary),
get pass, s, drop paper, get toolbox, n, w, w, s, w, w, w, n.

At random times a German officer will hobble after you, until you have a boot lace you will not be
able to help him so until then you can ignore him.

Show pass, e, up, up, s, up, drop dictionary, get gas-mask, down, n, down, down, w, show pass, n, n,
e, s, break bust, cover head (perhaps not the head you were thinking of?), e, e, get wrench, e, open
console (this is a clue), n, drop toolbox (you will also drop the wrench), e, s, get lace.

The German officer is hobbling because one of his boots is missing a boot lace. After you acquire
the boot lace you are able to help the officer. Now when the officer appears FIX BOOT then LOOK and

N, n, n, n, examine plants, use binoculars, look (I have no idea why this first requires the use of
binoculars either), drop binoculars, get switch, s, w, get manual, s, s, e, e, drop switch, drop
manual, w, w, w, n, w, w, n, w, s, get blueprint, n, e, n, e, get guide, s (you may stumble over the
books but this should not be a problem, nevertheless check your inventory to make sure that you have
not dropped anything, if you have go back and pick up the dropped items), w, s, e, e, drop lace/key
(as appropriate).

Up, n, w, w, n, get prize, s, w, s, get frog, n, e, e, e, s, down, drop frog, get lace (if you do
not yet have the small key, from now if you FIX BOOT do not pick up the key but remember the
key's location), s, e, s, open console (if words fail you, you are not alone), look, drop
prize, get parchment, read parchment, drop parchment, n, e, e, turn bracket, drop lace (if
appropriate), n, n, n (careful, if you are carrying more than three items you will end up
elsewhere), n, drop blueprint, drop guide, s, s, s, s, get switch, get manual, n, n, n, n, drop
switch, drop manual, s, s, s, s, get lace (if appropriate).

W, get aluminium, w, get toolbox, get wrench, w, n, drop lace (if appropriate), get frog, w, w, n,
w, n, down, show pass, s, s, e, n, fix barrier (requires the aluminium and wrench), drop toolbox
(you will also drop the wrench), e, get bomb, w, w, w, drop frog, look, get blackbox, w, e, show
pass, up.

S, e, s, e, e, get lace/key (as appropriate, from now if you FIX BOOT do pick up the key, and if you
have fixed the boot and the key is elsewhere then pick up the key when you reach the key's
location), s, e, e, e, drop pass, n, n, n, n, drop blackbox, drop bomb (if you still do not have the
key go south, pick up the pass, and wander about until the hobbling officer appears, after obtaining
the key make sure that you are not carrying more than three items and return to this location), n,
turn key.


By Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)