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Insomnia (INSOMNI.txt)

INSOMNIA - The solution 

So, you can't get to sleep in this stunningly brilliant PD adventure? Never fear, just sit
back, relax, and let me take you through the method required to finally drop off. 

Open your eyes, stand up and go down into your bedroom. It took a while to work out how to get out
of the first couple of rooms. Remember, nudity is not appreciated, so you won't get anywhere
unclad. Examine the bed, and get the clothes you find underneath it. Then wear the clothes and go
into the bathroom. Examining the toilet will give you a clue as to one of the sleepytime implements
you might need. For the moment, go through the window, then walk along the ledge and scream. When
people look up, jump, and you'll be caught and locked up. To escape from the asylum, open the
door. Walk through it, and say hello to the rubber plant. Talking to plants may prove your insanity,
but it gets you a cryptic hint in the form of SEVER a colour. Remember this colour and go to the bin
outside the back of your hotel. He who laughs last laughs longest, so the answer required is either
second or last. 

Examine the garbage can and take the butter and rag. Go to the restaurant. In the restaurant pick up
the toothpick found by examining the table, and pick your teeth. Drop the toothpick and go to the
steaming goo in the vat. Dip your rag and go to find the dog. When you reach him, throw the bone,
then go into the various shops to get the box and scissors. Now you are ready to assault the medical
supply centre. When you reach its door, examine the door. Remove the metal panel and SEVER the
colour wire that the rubber plant advised. Then you can walk through the door. There are various
coloured bottles in here. Pick them up one at a time and shake them. You can only break one of them,
and that must be the one that rattles. Any more and you get qualms of conscious. Don't touch -
or even look at - the broken glass. Pick up the pill, and go to the janitor. Talk to him, and when
he requires lavatorial directions say yes, and lead him up to your flat. He'll give you the
key, and you can unlock the door and go in. 

Butter the window (odd though this may seem) and it will open. Go 
through, climb up, and examine the washing line, then get your pyjamas. Down again, and drop in your
bedroom everything you do not need. At this point you must end up carrying your clothes, pyjamas,
key, sleeping pill, velvet box and rag. Everything else can be dropped. Then go out into the streets
and go down the manhole. This is a 'maze' in which each room only has two exits, so drop
an object and keep moving until it disappears. Try each direction except back the way you came, and
when the object disappears, return for it, then go on and try the next room. When you come to the
rats, throw the rag, and when you can, go up to the sewage works and get teddy. Down and back to the
manhole, then go to your bedroom for the endgame. Close the door, then remove your clothes and drop
them. Wear your pyjamas, drop your key and the box, lie on the bed and close your eyes, eat the pill
and then SLEEP.