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Bestiary (Bestiary.txt)

Written by Perry Williams
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Amstrad Version)

(Start in the great audience chamber of the palace), S (entrance hall), U 
(your room), GET KNIFE (hunting), EXAMINE KNIFE (sharp), GET PENNY, 
EXAMINE PENNY, D, W (main street where you meet an old blind beggar 
woman), GIVE PENNY (she says to ask help from the witch of the northern 
forest), W (outside city gate), N, E (corn field), GET MOUSE (dead), 
EXAMINE MOUSE, W, N (edge of northern forest where you see a large black 
cat - don't feed the mouse to the cat), EXAMINE CAT (it walks off to the 
northwest), NW (cat goes northeast), NE (cat goes east), E (clearing – 
the cat enters a cottage), IN (you meet the witch of the northern forest 
who says she will help you but first you must stop the blight and bring 
her certain things). 

OUT, W, W (meet a small owl), GIVE MOUSE TO OWL (owl hops onto your 
shoulder), S, W (meet a serpent - don't kill it or you'll never get it's 
skin), WAIT, WAIT (the serpent crawls towards the cave), W (into dark 
cave where the owl can see and guides you), GET SKIN (serpent), E (back 
outside), S (foothills of western mountains where you see the body of a 
knight), EXAMINE KNIGHT (your elder brother), EXAMINE HORSE (died from a 
serpent bite but is wearing a golden bridle), GET BRIDLE, EXAMINE BRIDLE, 
N, E, N, E (to where there are tracks on the ground), EXAMINE TRACKS 
(lead southeast), SE (river bank), EXAMINE TRACKS, WAIT (a unicorn comes 
down to the water to drink), PUT BRIDLE ON UNICORN (you are now leading 
it), NW, E, IN (cottage), GIVE SKIN, GIVE UNICORN (to witch), GET 

W, SW, SE, S, S, S (harbour), E (end of quay), IN (you climb into your 
boat), E (you sail across the ocean for six days and on the seventh your 
boat is wrecked and you find yourself on a sandy beach of a strange 
land), E, N, E, N (by rickety wooden bridge), EXAMINE BRIDGE (the middle 
section is rotten), JUMP ACROSS, E (mountain path), CLAP (the eastern 
sage appears but he doesn't know how to stop the blight… he suggests you 
ask the cloud dragon… he gives you a scroll which enables you to breathe 
underwater), GET SCROLL, EXAMINE SCROLL, W, JUMP ACROSS, S, W, S (sandy 
beach), IN (you dive in using the spell to breathe and find a glass ball 
on the bottom), GET BALL, OUT (back to beach), S (forest where you meet a 
monkey who steals something), DROP KNIFE (the monkey imitates you and 
throws down the object it stole), GET KNIFE, GET BALL, E, E (open 
scrubland where you meet a roaring lion), EXAMINE LION (in pain), EXAMINE 
PAW (there's a thorn in it), GET THORN (lion will now follow you), W, W, 
S, S (long grass of the savanna where you see the dead body of a knight), 
EXAMINE KNIGHT (your elder sister), GET CLOAK, EXAMINE CLOAK (warm).

S (a gryphon attacks but the lion chases it away), S (village where you 
meet the sorcerer of the south), ASK SORCERER ABOUT RAIN (first you must 
find his magic mask which has been lost), N, N, N, N, E, E, S, S 
(approaching southern wasteland), WEAR CLOAK (to keep warm), SE (you are 
greeted by a friendly penguin who waddles off southwest), SW (snowy 
wasteland), DIG (find a grotesque wooden mask), GET MASK, EXAMINE MASK 
(the face of a demon), NE, E, NW, N, W, W, S, S, S, S (back to village), 
GIVE MASK (the sorcerer gives you a whisk in exchange), GET WHISK, 
EXAMINE WHISK, ASK SORCERER ABOUT RAIN (he tells you how to make rain), 
N, N, N, N, N, N (sandy beach), E, E (wooded hillside where you meet a 
tiger), DROP BALL (tiger runs after it), E (clearing where you see an 
abandoned bullock cart), EXAMINE CART, GET BELT, EXAMINE BELT (black), W, 

E, E (bamboo grove where you meet a giant panda), WEAR BELT, U (the panda 
assumes you are a better fighter as you have a black belt), U, U (top of 
mountain), SPRINKLE WATER, SAY SHUEI LUNG (the spell works, storm clouds 
gather and it starts to rain… the cloud dragon won't speak unless you 
answer a riddle), SAY PHOENIX (he says you must go to the phoenix of the 
western desert), EXAMINE GROUND, GET SCALE (dragon's), RUB TALISMAN (you 
are transported to outside the city gate), W, W, W, W (western desert and 
very thirsty), EXAMINE SCALE (watery blue), DROP SCALE (as soon as it 
hits the ground it grows and becomes liquid forming a lake), DRINK, W 
(middle of western desert where you meet the phoenix who wants a fire 
lit), LIGHT FIRE WITH BALL (he says that the king is dying, let there be 
a new ruler and the blight will cease), E, E, E, E, E (outside city 
gate), E, E (entrance to palace where you see your father the king not 
far from death), TELL STORY (he dies and the words of the phoenix have 
been fulfilled, there is a new king, and the blight is gone).


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