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Quest For the Holy Joystick (Quest_For_Holy_Joystick.txt)

Quest for the Holy Joystick (Delta 4)

This is really rather a short solution, there are alot more things that can be done in the 
game but none of them are particularly essential. Wander around and see what you can find...
Here's the solution.

You begin in Number 5 Downing Street, OUT, GO BUS, (the bus should take you to `Ally Pally', 
but it will, occasionally take you on a `mystery tour' if that does happen just GO BUS again 
and keep doing so until you reach Ally Pally) N, (you see Tony Bridge selling magazines) BUY 
MAGAZINE, EXAM MAGAZINE, (you are told that a gold coin is hidden in garden gnome) S, 
GO BUS, E, S, S, S, HIT GNOME, (a gold coin falls from the gnome) GET COIN, S, GET BBC, 
N, W, N, N, W, GO BUS, (wait again until you're taken to Ally Pally) D, D, (the BBC micro eats 
Poland Pratt) U, OUT, N, E, W, (you cannot go west in this location until you have killed 
Poland Pratt) S, N, (you are at a vending machine so...) INSERT COIN to finish the game ..... 

Typed (and solved) by Ian ( Originally displayed within the `Spectrum 
Adventurer' web pages at:- 

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