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Great Aussie Adventure (Great_Aussie.txt)

Written by Dorothy Millard
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

The numbers mentioned when photographs are taken do not relate to the number of the photograph in
the list, but reflect the number of photographs taken.

Walk Through
(Start outside New Parliament House on Capital Hill), INVENTORY (you are carrying some money and a
Pentax camera), EXAMINE MONEY (Australia currency), EXAMINE CAMERA (it is loaded with film), EXAMINE
PARLIAMENT, PHOTOGRAPH PARLIAMENT (1st photograph), SE (leave the dog for now), E (into tourist
office), EXAMINE LADY, TALK LADY, BOOK TOUR (Which one?), 1 (unfortunately it is fully booked), OUT,
NW, N, N, N (to city centre where a group of people are waiting for the tour bus to arrive), TALK
PEOPLE (they tell you that the bus is running late), EXAMINE PEOPLE (they are becoming impatient),
S, S, S, SE, E (back to tourist office), TALK LADY (you tell her about the problem with the bus tour
to the Black Mountains Nature Reserve and she says she will see what she can do), NW, N.

N (back to the city centre where the people are now boarding the tour bus... you join them unnoticed
in the rush and arrive at the Black Mountains Nature Reserve), GET BRANCH (dead), W (to Telecom
Tower), PHOTOGRAPH TOWER (2nd photograph), ENTER LIFT (it stops part way), SEARCH LIFT, GET PEN,
PUSH ALARM (you arrive at the top where there is a magnificent view over Canberra), PHOTOGRAPH VIEW
(3rd photograph), BUY POSTCARD (you overhear people talking... they say no-one knows that the lift
has broken down), HELP (send a message), WRITE MESSAGE (you write one on the postcard asking for
help), THROW MESSAGE (it flutters over the edge... shortly afterwards the lift arrives, you enter
and return to ground level where you see the message you wrote lying on the ground and realise how
silly it was of you to think someone would read it), E, BOARD BUS (back to the city centre).

S, S, S, SE, E (to tourist office), BOOK TOUR (which one?), 2 (you are given a ticket and advised
that the bus will leave from Melbourne Drive in five minutes), OUT, NW, SW (to Melbourne Drive where
the tour bus is), EXAMINE BUS, BOARD BUS (you arrive at Tidbinbilla Deep Space Tracking Station),
(you arrive at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve), EXAMINE KANGAROO, PHOTOGRAPH KANGAROO (5th photograph),
BOARD BUS (back to Melbourne Drive), NE.

SE, E (to tourist office), BOOK TOUR (which one?), 3 (you purchase a ticket), OUT, NW, N, N (you
trip over your own feet and drop the ticket which is blown away), SE, W, W (to lake), EXAMINE SLABS
(of stone - you find the tour ticket lost earlier), GET TICKET, W, NW, E, N (to city centre where
you accidentally collide with someone and drop the ticket which the wind blows away), N, NE (to
dinosaur museum), EXAMINE SKELETON (there's your ticket), GET TICKET (might have known - you
can't reach it), CLIMB SKELETON (forbidden and unsafe), SW.

N (into Australian National Botanic Gardens), PHOTOGRAPH GARDENS (6th photograph), EXAMINE LYRE
(bird - a beautiful display), W (to rockery), W, W (to Aboriginal Trail), EXAMINE TREE, GET STICK,
E, S (to Tasmanian Garden), EXAMINE GARDEN (on the ground you spot a torch), GET TORCH, EXAMINE
TORCH (unlit), LISTEN BIRDS, N, E, E, S, NE (back to Dinosaur Museum), EXAMINE BUTTON (don't
push it as it is an alarm), EXAMINE CLOCK (if you could reach it perhaps you could change the time),
EXAMINE CURATOR (notice that he has some keys), SW (back outside), NE (you return to the museum
where you now see various people), SW, NE (you now see a small boy), EXAMINE BOY (he runs off with
the curator in hot pursuit), EXAMINE CHAIR (underneath is the curator's keys - he must have
dropped them), GET KEYS, STAND CHAIR (standing on the chair you have an excellent view of the

D (the curator returns, looks at the clock and starts packing up), HIDE (while the curator is busy
you hide behind one of the exhibits... the curator thinking you have left finishes packing up and
leaves, turning the lights out and slamming the door behind him - it is now dark), ON TORCH, UNLOCK
DOOR (using the curator's keys), E (you climb the steps to the balcony), EXAMINE SKELETON, GET
TICKET (you still can't reach it), POKE SKELETON (using the stick you dislodge the ticket which
falls to the floor below), DROP STICK, D, GET TICKET, SW (the curator has set the alarm), E (back to
balcony), SEARCH BALCONY (you discover a back door and exit to the street where you see the tour

BOARD BUS (at last you arrive at Cockington Green Miniature Village), PHOTOGRAPH VILLAGE (7th
photograph - a young couple sitting on a nearby seat catch your eye), EXAMINE COUPLE (they are
engrossed in each other), TALK COUPLE, EXAMINE SEAT (you see a small container), GET CONTAINER,
EXAMINE CONTAINER (you wonder how to open it), RIDE TRAIN (you get talking to the kiosk owner who is
a train fan and he says to visit him at the kiosk for a free drink), E (into "The Parson's
Nose" restaurant), EXAMINE TABLE, GET HAT (official's), ORDER FOOD (it's too early),
ORDER DRINK (it's too early), W, BOARD BUS (back to Northbourne Avenue).

N, W (to kiosk where the owner gives you a bottle of "Sports Aid"), E, S, S, S, W, W (to
Australian Institute of Sport), EXAMINE ATHLETE, TALK ATHLETE (he wants a drink before showing you
around), GIVE DRINK (you are shown around the Institute, taking the obligatory photograph with your
"famous personality" in the centre - 8th photograph), E.

E, SE, N (to Anzac Avenue), EXAMINE MEMORIAL, PHOTOGRAPH AVENUE (9th photograph), N (to Australian
War Memorial), EXAMINE POOL (some untidy person has thrown a scrap of paper into it - you
accidentally take a photograph), READ SIGN (says "Paddling in the Pool of Reflections is
Strictly Forbidden"), PHOTOGRAPH MEMORIAL (10th photograph), PADDLE POOL, GET PAPER (you
can't reach), S, S, SE, SW, SW, SE (to Canberra Avenue where the scruffy little dog is),
EXAMINE DOG, PAT DOG (he will now follow you), NW, NE, NE, NW, N, N (back to War Memorial), THROW
BRANCH (the dog chases it into the pool... he returns and drops it at your feet), GET BRANCH, THROW
BRANCH (again the dog retrieves it from the pool but this time the soggy piece of paper is caught on
it - note don't get the piece of paper yet), S. S.

SE, EXAMINE YOUTH, TALK YOUTH (he has lost the money for some flowers for his girlfriend), GIVE
MONEY (he won't accept your money), SW, EXAMINE GIRL (she is waiting for someone), TALK GIRL,
SW, W, N (to the home of Australia's Governor-General, Yarralumba), READ SIGN (says "Keep
off the grass"), EXAMINE FLOWERS, PICK FLOWERS (the official won't let you), EXAMINE
OFFICIAL (he is hatless), TALK OFFICIAL, PHOTOGRAPH YARRALUMBA (11th photograph), GIVE HAT (the
official's too far away), WAIT (you hear a loud noise), GIVE HAT (you hear a very loud noise
and the official rushes off to investigate), PICK FLOWERS (while no-one is looking), S, E, NE, NE,
GIVE FLOWERS (the youth thanks you and thrusts a voucher into your hand), EXAMINE VOUCHER (admits
one person for a tour of the high court).

SW, W (to National Gallery), PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY (just as you are about to take the photo somebody
moves in front of you and all you see is a head - that won't be any good), NW (to outside the
High Court building where you see a drunk), PHOTOGRAPH COURT (12th photograph), ENTER COURT (using
the voucher you enter the court and join a fascinating tour learning all about it's history...
you pick up a brooch on the way out), EXAMINE BROOCH (it is in the shape of a koala with an opal in
the centre - looks valuable), NW (to National Library), EXAMINE MAPS, EXAMINE BOOK (behind a display
case you notice a bottle of grog), GET BOTTLE, EXAMINE BOTTLE (nearly full), SE, EXAMINE GENT (the
homeless gent repeats "Gotta drink mate?"), GIVE BOTTLE (he downs the grog and become
abusive... the police arrive and arrest him, drawing the crowd away from the National Gallery), SE,
PHOTO GALLERY (13th photograph).

E, NE, NW, N, N (to War Memorial), GET PAPER (it is now dry), READ PAPER, (it's a ferry
timetable), READ TIMETABLE (the ferry is due soon), S, S, NW, W (to ferry terminal), EXAMINE FERRY,
BOARD FERRY (you cross to Aspen Island and disembark), EXAMINE ISLAND, W (to Carillon), PHOTOGRAPH
CARILLON (14th photograph), E, BOARD FERRY, E.

N, N, W (the Inn is now open), EXAMINE WOMAN, TALK BARTENDER (he suggests you try the local beer),
BUY BEER, GIVE BEER (to the woman who tells you that she has lost a valuable brooch given to her by
her husband the vicar), GIVE BROOCH (she is thrilled to have the brooch back and rewards you with a
big kiss... you follow her outside), TALK WIFE (the vicar's wife asks if you would like to see
inside the church), YES (you follow her into the church), TALK WIFE (she points to the beautiful
ceiling), EXAMINE CEILING, PHOTOGRAPH CEILING (15th photograph), OUT.

W (to Inn), EXAMINE RAFTERS (you find a jar which you pick up thinking it may come in useful),
EXAMINE JAR (empty), OUT, N, W, W (to mallee shrubland), UNSCREW LID (from the jar), DIG (the lid
did the trick and you now see some worms), GET WORMS (in the jar), E, E, S, S, S, SE, W (to
Blundell's Farmhouse), PHOTOGRAPH FARMHOUSE (the red car spoils the atmosphere), EXAMINE CAR
(it's in the way), W (by lake), EXAMINE FISHERMAN (he is unhappy), TALK FISHERMAN (you
ascertain that it's his car and ask him to move it but he want's to catch a fish first),
GIVE WORMS (before you know it he is gone), E, PHOTOGRAPH FARMHOUSE (16th photograph),

W, W, NW, E, N, N, N (to Botanical Gardens), W, N (to eucalypt lawn where a man walking his dog
recognises your badge and gives you a pass for a tour of the Royal Mint), S, E, S, S, S, S, S, SW, W
(into Royal Mint), SHOW PASS (you join a tour, taking a photograph on the way - 17th photograph),

NE, N, N, N, N, N, W (to rockery), SEARCH ROCKS, GET FILE (nail), GET ROCK, E, S, S, S, W, SE (to
Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet), PHOTOGRAPH JET (better when it's working), EXAMINE SHED (a
padlock holds the door closed), BREAK PADLOCK (using the rock), ENTER SHED, PULL LEVER, OUT (the jet
is now working and is magnificent), PHOTOGRAPH JET (18th photograph - the camera is out of film).

NW, E, S, S, W (to Adelaide Avenue where a lady is walking towards the camera shop), W (the shop is
closed), EXAMINE LADY, TALK LADY (she tells you that the owner of the camera shop has been sick), E,
N, N, N, N, W (into the Inn where you now see a miserable individual sitting in a corner), EXAMINE
INDIVIDUAL (he sneezes), TALK INDIVIDUAL (he opens the camera shop for you), BUY FILM (thanking the
owner you load it into the camera and leave the shop), E, N, N, N, N, W (into Inn), PHOTOGRAPH INN
(19th photograph), OUT,

S ,S, S, S, E (to Brisbane Avenue), OPEN CONTAINER (using the nail file - you discover an exquisite
diamond watch), EXAMINE WATCH, E (into police station... you show an inspector the watch, are given
a claim slip and told to return later to collect your reward), W, W, E, E (back to police station),
RING BELL (you hand in the slip and a distinguished gentleman gives you a substantial reward and a
personalised tour of New Parliament House... you take the 20th photograph).

Well done.  You have succeeded in taking all twenty photographs.
You have raised $2,000.  Now onto the next part of Australia.

Written by Dorothy Millard
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

1. You can carry only two items when swimming the river.
2. You can carry only three items when climbing the ledge.
3. No objects can be carried across the log until the rope has been tied.
4. The branch, bark, matches, piece of paper and watch mustn't get wet, so be careful when
swimming the river and at the rock ledge.
5. If you drop the watch it will break.
6. Do not drop the penny or money, as someone else will pick them up if you do.
7. When you climb the ledge at the beach you will randomly either remain on the ledge, be washed by
a large wave into the sea, slip back down to the beach or be washed up further down the beach with
unclimbable cliffs.
8. It isn't possible to cross the river with the fish in the bucket, as it will wash away.
9. Even after the water pours out of the bucket you have several moves before the fish dies.

Walk Through
(Start in the pub), EXAMINE CEILING, EXAMINE BEAM, EXAMINE SIGNS, GET SIGNS (the proprietor is not
impressed and throws you out), W (back inside), EXAMINE LOCALS, TALK LOCALS, EXAMINE HAT, GET HAT,
LISTEN, TALK OWNER, BUY BEER, GET BEER, GIVE BEER (one of the locals flicks a beer mat which lands
on the floor nearby), GET MAT (beer mat), EXAMINE MAT (it has writing on it which is too small to
read), OUT (you are on a unmade dirt road), READ SIGNPOST (says "Public Footpath to Malkin
Valley"), DROP MAT (this is a good spot to leave things for later), N (you are by an abandoned
serviceable), EXAMINE COTTAGE (somewhat rundown), EXAMINE DOOR (it is locked), EXAMINE SLATS (they
have been nailed across the window), REMOVE NAILS (using the hammer, revealing a broken window),
CLIMB WINDOW (you are inside the cottage), EXAMINE TABLE, GET GLUE (dried out tube of glue), EXAMINE
TABLE (this time you find an old battered tin mug), GET MUG, EXAMINE MUG (it has tiny holes in it),
OUT, S (outside pub), DROP GLUE, DROP MUG.

E, NE, S, S, SWIM RIVER (to campsite), E (to sheer drop where a fallen tree spans the gap), CROSS
TREE (you slip and drop the hammer down the gap, but luckily you don't need it any more), CROSS
TREE (back again), W (to campsite), EXAMINE SHELTER, ENTER SHELTER (you see a rope in the corner),
GET ROPE (as you pick it up some mischievous children lock the door), HELP (maybe someone's
passing by), SHOUT (a passerby hears your shout and opens the door... you exit to the campsite), E
(to by sheer drop where the fallen tree is), TIE ROPE (around the Coolabah tree), GET ROPE (you are
holding the other end of the rope), THROW ROPE (it lands on the other side), CROSS TREE, GET ROPE,
TIE ROPE (it is now strung between the two trees and using it to balance you will now be able to
carry objects across).

N, E (to a clearing where there is a seat which we will leave for now), NE (to tea-tree patch),
BREAK TEA, GET TEA (piece of tea tree - first object collected), READ SIGN (says "Picnic
Grounds Closed"), EXAMINE KOOKABURRA (the bird flies off and a whistle falls to the ground),

GET GLUE, E (to track), EXAMINE DOGWOOD (see a very muddy axe), GET AXE (it's too muddy to
handle), N (rocky area), EXAMINE SLIT, GET CUP (plastic), EXAMINE CUP (empty), PICK FERN, N, NE, N
(by creek), MOVE ROCK, GET GLASS (magnifying), N (to valley), SEARCH BARK (you find a half eaten
dead tree rat), GET RAT (rather not!), GET RAT (if you must), EXAMINE RAT, S, W (to creek - leave
the plastic bag for now as you can't reach it), FILL CUP (with water), E, S, S (you are on a
path at the base of a mountain where a dingo blocks your way), U (you don't fancy walking past
the dingo), EXAMINE DINGO (a wild dog), GIVE RAT (the dingo's not interested), BLOW WHISTLE
(the dingo runs off), U, N (to cave entrance), N (the bats swoop down and drive you back outside),
N, HELP (the bats hats noise), BLOW WHISTLE (or shout - the bats take fright and fly of), N (into
the cave), GET MATCHBOX, EXAMINE MATCHBOX (contains three matches), S, S, D, DROP WHISTLE.

N, U (to circular platform), ENTER PORTHOLE (it's dark), LIGHT MATCH (you just make out a shape
in the corner), EXAMINE CORNER, GET BUCKET (the match goes out), OUT, EXAMINE BUCKET (it has a hole
in it), PUT GLUE (in what?), IN CUP (you now have a plastic cup full of "goo"), FIX BUCKET
(using the fronds and "goo" you manage to make a temporary repair), DROP CUP, D. N, W (to
creek), FILL BUCKET (with water), E, S, S, W, SW (to the track where the muddy axe is), WASH AXE,
GET AXE, NE, E (your temporary repair to the bucket gives way), N, U (to circular platform), CHOP
SAPLING (using the axe), GET SAPLING, DROP AXE, D.

S, W, SW, W (outside pub), DROP GLASS (magnifying), N (to the Malkin Valley cottage garden), EXAMINE
TREE (see a bird's nest in one of the trees), EXAMINE NEST (you catch a glimpse of something
shiny), CLIMB TREE (there are no footholds), POKE NEST (using the sapling... the nest falls to the
ground), DROP SAPLING, EXAMINE NEST (you find a shiny button), GET BUTTON, S, S (into bush), EXAMINE
TREE (bloodwood - there's something up there), CLIMB TREE (your attempts to climb the tree are
frustrated by a magpie which "dive bombs" you at every attempt), DROP BUTTON (the magpie
sees the glint and quickly collects the button before flying off), CLIMB TREE (you notice a track
leading southeast... you climb down).

SE (to unofficial rubbish dump), EXAMINE RUBBISH (yeuch), SEARCH RUBBISH (you find an old broken
picture), GET PICTURE, SEARCH RUBBISH, GET TWEEZERS, E (you are lost in the bush), S, EXAMINE TWIGS
(you see an interesting V-shaped one), GET TWIG, SE (to children's playground), EXAMINE SWING
(it is screwed together), GET SCREW (using your fingers that's impossible, anyway it would make
the equipment unsafe!), RIDE ROUNDABOUT (you discover an empty box), GET BOX, TALK CHILD (the child
is frightened and avoids you), SWING SWING, SLIDE SLIDE, N (to campsite), DROP MATCHBOX (note do not
swim the river or climb the ledge while carrying these as they are useless if they get wet), DROP

E, CROSS TREE, S (to where the haystack is), EXAMINE HAYSTACK (no time for mucking around), SEARCH
HAYSTACK (you find nothing), SEARCH HAYSTACK (a farmer wants to know what you are doing to his
haystack... you explain your quest and he offers you some refreshments which you gratefully accept,
then he gives you an apple for later), SEARCH HAYSTACK (you find a pair of knickers which you missed
before), GET KNICKERS, EXAMINE KNICKERS (they are the old fashioned type which have elastic in the
waist and legs), WEAR KNICKERS, REMOVE ELASTIC, DROP KNICKERS, MAKE SLING shot (using the v-shaped
twig and elastic - you now have the second object), N, N, E (to clearing), SIT SEAT (you sit on a
pine needle), GET NEEDLE, EXAMINE PICTURE (a farmyard scene), EXAMINE FARMYARD (there is a
haystack), PUT NEEDLE (where?), IN HAYSTACK (you now have the third object "a needle in a
haystack"), W, S, CROSS TREE, W (campsite), DROP BUCKET, DROP APPLE, DROP RAT, DROP BOX (empty
- note you can only carry two items while swimming the river), SWIM RIVER, N, N, SW, W (outside
pub), DROP NEEDLE (in haystack), DROP SLING (shot).

E, NE, S (to thick undergrowth), GET BRANCH, S (by river), THROW BRANCH (across the river, so it
doesn't get wet - it lands on the other side), SWIM RIVER (campsite), GET BOX (empty), SWIM
RIVER, N, N, SW, W (outside pub), GET MAT, GET GLASS (magnifying), READ WRITING (on the beer mat
using the magnifying glass - it's the first verse of Waltzing Matilda), PUT MAT (in what?), IN
BOX (what a brilliant idea - you now have music in a box, the fourth object, "A Music
Box"), DROP BOX.

TREE, E (to clifftop), N (you are on a cliff path where the Cootamundra Wattle is), PICK FLOWER (you
now have the fifth object - "A Golden Ball"), N (the path here leading down to the beach
has been closed), EXAMINE SNAKE, GO PATH (you don't fancy walking past the snake... it may be
harmless but you never know, and you don't like snakes!), THROW RAT (the snake slithers after
it), GO PATH (someone has dropped a watch but leave it for now as once taken it will break when
dropped and it will stop ticking if you swim the river while carrying it), D (to a secluded beach
where you are met by a wild pig), U (you attempt to climb back up but slide back because of the
loose sand - now you know why the path was closed!), W (the pig doesn't look too friendly),
THROW APPLE (the wild pig chases after it - now is your chance, be quick!), W (to a dead end
surrounded by bush), SEARCH BUSH (you notice footprints leading into the bush), FOLLOW FOOTPRINTS
(to a small clearing with picnic tables and a BBQ), EXAMINE TABLE, GET KNIFE, EXAMINE KNIFE (sharp),

W, S, E, D (to beach near rock pools), N (only competitors in the surf carnival are allowed further
down the beach), CRAWL UNDER (ledge), GET T (shirt - note the number 34 on it), WEAR T (shirt), OUT,
N (the official lets you through), EXAMINE ROCKS, GET NET, EXAMINE NET (the kind used by fishermen),
S, U (to cliff top), DROP GLOVE, DROP KNIFE, W, CROSS TREE, W, SWIM RIVER, N, N, E, N, N, W (by
creek), GET BAG (using the net), EXAMINE BAG (it's one of the zip-top seal type), E, S, SW, S,
S, W (outside pub), DROP FLOWER.

next bit is random), CLIMB LEDGE (from here you will randomly either remain on the ledge, be washed
by a large wave into the sea, slip back down to the beach or be washed up further down the beach
with unclimbable cliffs - keep trying until you remain on the ledge and restore your position if
necessary), CUT KELP (using the knife - you dislodge it), D (if you haven't already slipped
down - note if you finish up in the sea just SWIM), DROP NET, DROP KELP, DROP KNIFE, CLIMB LEDGE
(keep trying until you are washed up further down the beach with unclimbable cliffs - note the tree
stump on the cliff top above), PLAIT SEAWEED (you now have a seaweed rope), KNOT ROPE (you tie a
loop in it), THROW ROPE (it catches on the tree stump above), CLIMB ROPE (to the cliff top where you
see a sheet of paper blowing in the wind).

GET PAPER (as you attempt to take it the wind catches the paper and it is blown over the cliff),
CLIMB ROPE (to the beach below), GET PAPER (again as you attempt to take it the wind catches the
paper and it is blown onto the rock ledge), CLIMB ROPE (back to top of cliff), NW, E, D (to beach,
SAVE (because if you are washed into the sea by the wave or finish up further down the beach, the
paper will get wet and be useless), CLIMB LEDGE (if you finish up in the sea or further down the
beach restore your position and try again - if you slip down then just climb the ledge again), GET
PAPER, D (back to beach if you haven't already slipped down), EXAMINE PAPER (after all that
it's blank!), U, W, CROSS TREE, W (make sure you don't swim the river while carrying the
paper - mustn't get it wet!),  FOLD PAPER (how?), INTO PLANE (you now have a paper plane), FLY
PLANE (it lands on the other side of the river), SWIM RIVER, GET PLANE, N, N, SW, W (outside pub),
UNFOLD PLANE, FOLD PAPER (how?), INTO BOAT (you now have the sixth object), DROP BOAT.

E, NE, S, S, SWIM RIVER, E, CROSS TREE, N, E (to clearing), LOOK UNDER (seat), GET MONEY (note do
not drop this or someone else will pick it up), W, S, E, D, N, N (on the beach where the rowing boat
is), EXAMINE BOAT, ENTER BOAT (the man says they are closed during the Surf Carnival), GIVE MONEY
(the man says "that's different," - you hop into the boat and row across to the
island), GET SCREW (the seventh object), ENTER BOAT (you row back to the beach).

S, S, EXAMINE POOL (rock pool), GET SPADE (kid's yellow plastic spade), EXAMINE SPADE (not very
strong), U, N, N (to beach path where someone has dropped a watch), GET WATCH (eighth object - note
don't drop this as it will break or get it wet - remember it must be ticking when you return
with it), D (to beach), DIG SAND, GET PENNY (old fashioned - the ninth object - note don't drop
this or someone else will pick it up), W, FOLLOW FOOTPRINTS, S, SW, W, EXAMINE TREE (stringybark -
you peel off some bark - note don't get this wet),  S, CROSS TREE, W (campsite), DROP BARK, GET
plastic BAG, DROP SPADE, DROP SCREW, PUT WATCH (where?) IN BAG (you seal it carefully), SWIM RIVER,
N, N, SW, W (to outside pub), DROP BAG (leave the watch in the bag for now), E, NE, S, S, SWIM RIVER
(to campsite), GET SCREW, SWIM RIVER, N, N, SW, W (outside pub), DROP SCREW.

inspection you see animal droppings), EXAMINE DROPPINGS, GET DROPPINGS, MOVE DROPPINGS (using the
plastic spade - the spade breaks so you discard it), GET CANDLE, EXAMINE CANDLE (it has no wick and
is rather heavy), OUT, GET MATCHBOX, LIGHT MATCH, LIGHT FIRE (must have the dry bark and dry branch
- it is burning brightly), DROP MATCHBOX, GET tin MUG, EXAMINE MUG (it has tiny holes in the
bottom), PUT CANDLE (in what?), IN MUG, MELT CANDLE (the wax melts and runs out through the holes
leaving a very hot ball bearing), GET TWEEZERS, GET BALL (using the tweezers), DROP TWEEZERS, SWIM
RIVER, N, N, SW, W (outside pub), DROP BALL (the tenth object "a small heavy object").

E, NE, S, S, SWIM RIVER (to campsite), E, CROSS TREE, E, GET GLOVE, D (to beach), GET NET, N,
EXAMINE SEA (you see a glass jar bobbing in the sea), GET JAR (using the net you just manage to get
it), S, DROP NET, U (to cliff top), EXAMINE MOUND (you disturbed an ant's nest and have been
bitten by a bull-ant), WEAR GLOVE, GET ANT (in the glass jar - the eleventh object), DROP GLOVE, W,
CROSS TREE, W, SWIM RIVER, N, N, SW, W (outside pub), DROP JAR.

E, NE, S, S, SWIM RIVER (campsite), GET BUCKET, EXAMINE BUCKET (it has a hole in it again), E, CROSS
TREE, E, D (to beach), GET NET, GET KELP, PLUG HOLE (in the bucket using the kelp, however the
bucket still has a limited life), SAVE (the next bit where you must climb onto the ledge is random
and there is every chance that it will take several attempts to get back to the pub and collect
everything before the fish dies), CLIMB LEDGE (if you finish up further down the beach climb the
rope and return to the beach where the ledge is or reload and try again - keep trying until you are
washed into the sea by a large wave), EXAMINE SEA (a golden fish swims by), CATCH FISH (in the net -
twelfth object), SWIM (to the beach), FILL BUCKET (with water - this gives you extra time with the
fish alive), PUT FISH (in what?), IN BUCKET, CLIMB LEDGE (keep trying until you are washed up
further down the beach - note if it takes too long you will have to restore your saved position and
try again), CLIMB ROPE, S, N (outside pub where you dropped all the objects), GET BAG, GET WATCH
(you take it out of the bag), DROP BAG, GET JAR, GET FLOWER, GET TEA, GET BALL, GET SCREW, GET
NEEDLE, GET SLING, GET BOX (music), GET BOAT (paper), W (into pub..........)

You have won first prize!

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