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Loony Castle Quest, The (Loony_Castle_Quest.txt)

Written by Robin Garrish
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

You play the part of a knight who finds himself trapped in Smedley Castle.  The object is to

Walk Through
(Start at the top of Smedley Tower), D, S, S, EXAMINE HAYSTACK (find a needle), GET NEEDLE, U (top
of tower), GET STRING, D, N, E, N (corner room), GET GAS BOMB, S, S (gym), HIT PUNCHING BAG (you
learn the code for the safe), N, E, E (safest room), SAY LEMON (safe opens to reveal a rubberizer),
N, W, N (long corridor), GET GAS MASK, E (by ladder), U (Merlin's tower where you see
Merlin's stick tower), BREAK TOWER, GET STICK, D, S, S (lift), U (top of tower containing a
well), EXAMINE SIGN (says that you may fish here for a poisonous snake), MAKE ROD,  WEAR MASK, THROW
BOMB DOWN WELL (the gas mask protects you), LOOK, FISH (you catch a dead snake), GET SNAKE, USE
RUBBERIZER (you now have a rubber rope), D, N, N, W, W, U (back to Smedley Tower), TIE ROPE TO
WINDOW (you climb down and escape from the castle).


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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