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Fifteen (fifteen_stepwise.txt)

(stepwise solution for ~fifteen~ by Ricardo Dague)

s. w
ask boy for puzzle. play cheat  [ though you get a point for solving it! ]
give boy puzzle. ask him for keys
e. e. s
open shed with keys. get all from shed
n. w. n. n. n [ if you drop the ladder along the way, just pick it up again ]
drop ladder
open can. get meat
show cat meat
drop meat. get collar
s. s
put collar on table
s. e. n
open gate with keys
get remote
n. e. e. s. e
n. n. e. n. w
n. w. w. w. sw
e. e. n. e. e
s. e. n
push button. open box. get all from it
s. w. n. w. w
w. sw. e. e. n
e. e. s. e. s
w. s. e. s
push button. open box. get all from it
n. w. s. w. n
w. w. s. w
s. w. n. put all treasures on table