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Time Switch (time_switch.txt)


You begin in a forest.
Go south and east.
Ignore the gold ring.
Go east and east.
Take the ladder.
Go north.
Get the rock. Ignore the rope.
Go south, west, west, west, north, north, north and east.
Go up (you can climb the tower because you have the ladder).
Smash the glass case (you have the rock to do it with) and take the golden key.
Go down and drop the ladder.
Go west and south.
Ignore the gun.
Go south, south, east, east and south.
Get the torch.
Go south.
Unlock and open the chest.
Take and read the manuscript. It says "PP3-TM Island". A clue - a PP3 is a type of
Take a bone from the skeleton.
Go north.
Unlock and open the door.
Go down and light the torch.
Go north and feed the bone to the dog.
Go up.
Get the battery. Ignore the log.
Go down and south (don't worry about it being dark now that you know the way out).
Go up, north, west, west and west.
Insert the battery into the time machine.

You have completed the game.