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I'm Innocent (Im_Innocent.txt)

Written by Damian Steele
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

As Mickey, to escape from your bedroom and watch the film Ninja Cats from Mars.

1. This is a one location game.
2. Uses the abbreviation GOUN to go under something.

Walk Through
(Start locked in your bedroom), EXAMINE WARDROBE, ENTER WARDROBE (see a broken plastic record
player), EXAMINE PLAYER (find a needle), EXAMINE SHELVES, GET LACE, EXAMINE BLANKET (find and take
science project), EXAMINE PROJECT, EXAMINE PILE (now have some books), OUT (you automatically put
books in a pile beside the cupboard), USE PROJECT (you push the camera under the gap below the door
and see your dad hiding the remote control for the TV), DROP PROJECT, EXAMINE MESS, EXAMINE JUNK
(find and take a toy robot plus books which you add to the pile), EXAMINE ROBOT (battery operated),
OPEN FLAP (find batteries), EXAMINE BED (find your money box), GOUN BED (need light first), EXAMINE
CUPBOARD, OPEN CUPBOARD (find a torch and ghetto blaster... you put the batteries into the torch),
EXAMINE CUPBOARD (this time you see hooks on the top outside corners), GOUN BED (see a broken games
console), GET CONSOLE, EXAMINE SLATS (one is loose), REMOVE SLAT (try that from above the bed), OUT,
DROP TORCH, REMOVE SLAT (after lifting the mattress), EXAMINE SLAT (a little longer than your

EXAMINE SHELVES (you add books to the pile by the cupboard and keep one), INVENTORY (you have a book
entitled "How's it Done?"), READ HOW (learn how to wire a plug and fit a fuse),
EXAMINE DRAWERS (see stereo on top), EXAMINE STEREO (note the tape in it), REMOVE TAPE, EXAMINE TAPE
(note the write protect notch), EXAMINE NOTCH (uncovered - not write-protected), OPEN DRAWER (find a
record, scissors, plus more books for the pile), EXAMINE RECORD (note loud AC/DC tracks), EXAMINE
SHELVES (can't reach the top one), EXAMINE TABLE (find and take lamp), EXAMINE LAMP, CUT CABLE
(using scissors), TIE CABLE (to lace to make a long cord), TIE CORD (to hooks on cupboard to secure
the doors from opening too far), PLACE SLAT (across the top of the cupboard doors where it make a
stable platform), U (the pile of books), EXAMINE SHELF (find nail file), GET NAIL FILE, D, OPEN BOX
(moneybox - you can't), PICK LOCK (how?), INSERT NAIL FILE (something flutters out), LOOK (it
was an IOU), GET IOU
, EXAMINE IOU (adds to your score), DROP IOU.

EXAMINE CONSOLE (doesn't work because your pet hamster chewed the wire), EXAMINE WIRE (has a
plug on the end), CUT WIRE (using scissors - now have a plug), DROP SCISSORS, EXAMINE PLUG (moulded
type with fuse already fitted), BREAK PLUG (now have a fuse), EXAMINE POSTER (held up by sticky
tape), GET POSTER (now have some sticky tape), COVER NOTCH (on the tape), INSERT TAPE (in stereo),
PLAY RECORD (needle's no good), REPLACE NEEDLE, PLAY RECORD (the fuse has blown), REPLACE FUSE
(using the nail file as a screwdriver - you should now have a recording of AC/DC on tape), INSERT
TAPE (into ghetto blaster... the noise makes everything shake and something falls off the high
shelf), LOOK (see large key), GET KEY, EXAMINE KEY (it's the spare key to your bedroom door),
DROP BLASTER, UNLOCK DOOR, N (the computer/Mikey will complete the game for you and if you saw dad
hiding the remote control you turn on the TV and sit down to watch the film Ninja Cats from Mars).

You have helped Mickey to escape and watch the film.
SCORE 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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