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Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The (Warlock_of_Firetop_Mountain.txt)

Written by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

1. There are a number of "bugs" in this game.
2. In a couple of locations it isn't possible to go in the direction stated and in several
there is no way out at all. This is mentioned in the walk through.
3. When you drink from the bottle, it disappears, although this isn't mentioned.
4. The large key which opens the boathouse door, if examined, becomes the boathouse key and then
WON'T open the door.
5. In the crypt you can examine EITHER the coffin or the altar and as you need the key which is on
the altar the choice is obvious.
6. In the room with the yellow key, when you try to GET KEY a message should appear telling you that
gas is escaping.

Walk Through
(Start at the base of Firetop Mountain), INVENTORY (carrying a sword, lantern, matches and two gold
coins), ENTER CAVE, LIGHT LANTERN, N (junction), E (end of passage), SMASH DOOR (keep trying if
necessary until you succeed), ENTER ROOM (it's completely empty), LEAVE ROOM, W, W (passage - a
guard is here asleep at a sentry post), KILL GUARD, W (junction), LISTEN (at door - hear a rasping
sound), OPEN DOOR, ENTER ROOM (another guard is here), EXAMINE TABLE (you wake the night guard),
KILL GUARD, EXAMINE BOX (inside is a gold coin and a mouse - leave both of them), LEAVE ROOM.

N, EXAMINE CASKET, OPEN CASKET (a small bronze key falls to the floor), GET BRONZE (key), N (dark
passage), EXAMINE SCROLL (full of strange writing), READ SCROLL (note the word EKIL), N (end of
passage), E, LISTEN (at door - you hear strange mutterings and the clatter of pots and pans), OPEN
DOOR, ENTER ROOM, KILL ORCS, GET CASE (don't open it yet), LEAVE ROOM, W, W, LISTEN (at door -
hear shouting from within), OPEN DOOR, ENTER ROOM (two guards are arguing), KILL GUARDS, EXAMINE
CHEST (locked), SMASH LOCK (inside is a small black bottle and a black silk glove), GET BOTTLE,
EXAMINE BOTTLE (it has a stopper and the label says "ANTIDOTE"), DRINK LIQUID (leave the
glove), LEAVE ROOM, E.

N, N, LISTEN (at door - hear cries for help), OPEN DOOR (see a prison cell), ENTER CELL (an old man
chained to the wall cries for help), FREE MAN (you hear footsteps), HIDE (behind the door - a goblin
guard enters), KILL GUARD, SEARCH GUARD, GET KEYS (bunch), FREE MAN (he gives you some advice),
LEAVE CELL, N, N, LISTEN (at door - silence), OPEN DOOR (using the bronze key... you are in a small
torture chamber), EXAMINE BODY (in his pocket is a piece of cheese), GET CHEESE, LEAVE CHAMBER, DROP
BRONZE (key).

(An iron portcullis blocks the way north), PULL LEVER (which one?), RIGHT (it rises and you go
through to a passage), W, N (entrance to a large cavern), ENTER CAVERN (you hear footsteps
approaching), HIDE IN ALCOVE (an ogre enters then leaves... this saves you fighting him), S, S, W,
N, N (junction), W (the ground crumbles and you find yourself standing on the edge of a pit -
don't go east as there's no way back if you do), D (pit), N (a troll bars your way), FIGHT
TROLL, N (foot of staircase), U (outside wooden door), LISTEN (hear scratching), OPEN DOOR (three
giant rats are gnawing at some boxes), DROP CHEESE, N, E, N (river bank), SWIM RIVER (the current
takes you down river).

S (pear shaped room - leave the rubble, iron and rope), S, S, EXAMINE ALCOVE (within it is a bench),
SIT BENCH (this adds to your strength), S (splendidly decorated room), EXAMINE PAINTING, S, S (a
wooden box is here but you can't open it), S, S (junction), E, LISTEN (at door - silence), OPEN
DOOR, EXAMINE STATUE (the single eye is a sparkling jewel), GET JEWEL (the statue comes to life -
it's a cyclops), FIGHT CYCLOPS (it is now a crumpled mass or iron), EXAMINE STATUE (a
breastplate has come loose), REMOVE BREASTPLATE (inside is a small (key), GET SMALL (key), EXAMINE
SMALL (key - it has the number 11 engraved on it), S, EXAMINE BENCH, SIT BENCH (it is enchanted and
increases your strength - but only sit in it once).

N, W, W (cavern), EXAMINE CAVERN (see a pair of boots), GET BOOTS, WEAR BOOTS (you see a shape
coming towards you), KILL SPIDER, REMOVE BOOTS, DROP BOOTS, E, N, LISTEN (at door - you hear a jolly
sort of humming sound), OPEN DOOR (an old man greets you), SAY HELLO (he offers you a candle - do
you take it?), YES (you leave the room), N, LISTEN (at door - silence), OPEN DOOR (you are in a
large square room where the wind blows out your candle), N, EXAMINE FOUNTAIN (there's a sign on
it), EXAMINE SIGN (it bears a message), READ MESSAGE, DRINK WATER (it restores your strength), N, E,
LISTEN (at door - silence), OPEN DOOR (you are in a small room with two helmets - don't wear
the iron helmet), GET BRONZE (helmet), WEAR BRONZE (helmet - it's magic and adds strength
whilst worn), N, W, N, E (large cavern where you see crude stone weapons and a fire), W (as you try
to leave two cavemen bar the exit), FIGHT CAVEMEN, W, W (river bank), SWIM RIVER (the current takes
you downstream to the south bank).

READ SIGN (says "Ferry Service two gold pieces - please ring"), RING BELL (an old man
ferries you across to the north bank), NW, OPEN DOOR (you are in a foul smelling room with a man and
his dog), WAKE MAN, TALK TO MAN (he says "I suppose you've come for the key. Have you
obtained permission?"), YES (he suggests you take it but if you do the dog attacks), KILL DOG
(the man rushes from the room in terror), GET LARGE (key - don't examine the large key however
because it then becomes the boat house key, but then won't open the door), W (larder), GET EGG
(pickled), EAT EGG (adds strength), E, S, SE, E (by boathouse), EXAMINE WINDOW, OPEN DOOR (with the
large key - you enter the boathouse - note don't go north from here as there is no way out if
you do), DROP LARGE (key), OPEN TOP (drawer), GET COPPER (key), EXAMINE COPPER (key - it has the
number 66 inscribed on it), OPEN BOTTOM (drawer), GET FOOD, EAT FOOD (adds strength), S, W.

OPEN DOOR (you find yourself in a small room after a knock on the head), EXAMINE BARREL (full of
brown liquid), DRINK LIQUID (adds strength), DRINK LIQUID, DRINK LIQUID (note do not drink more than
three times or you will finish up drunk), EXAMINE CORPSE (around his neck is a crucifix), GET
CRUCIFIX, WEAR CRUCIFIX, N (crypt - here you have a choice to either examine the altar OR the
coffin), EXAMINE ALTAR (there's a black key on it), GET BLACK (key), EXAMINE BLACK (key - has
the number 9 inscribed on it - note if your copy has been fixed and you need to deal with the
vampire before you leave), OPEN CASE (inside is a bow, a silver arrow and an inscription), READ
INSCRIPTION (the giver of sleep to those who never can), DROP CASE, GET BOW, GET ARROW, EXAMINE
COFFIN (a vampire emerges but keeps it's distance on seeing the crucifix), FIRE ARROW (the
silver arrow finds it's mark and the creature vanishes).

W (crossroads), N, E (an armoured door is here but you can't go through it), W, N (top of
staircase - don't go south as there's no way back if you do), D, E (to a long passage - a
portcullis drops and the way back west is now blocked), S (small room), GET YELLOW (key - you are
told it's not here but should in fact get the message "As you cross the room a jet of gas
starts to fill the room. Do you still want the key?"), YES (you rush for it and arrive back in
the passage carrying the key).

E (large cavern), EXAMINE DRAGON, EKIL (the dragon's fire turns back on itself and burns it to
a crisp), EXAMINE CAVERN (you find an eastern exit), E (narrow corridor - a door here is slightly
ajar), ENTER (you are in the warlock's chamber), FIGHT (you can't kill him with your puny
weapons), LIGHT LANTERN, THROW LANTERN (it smashes at his feet and sets fire to his gown), EKIL (the
flames engulf him and he is dead... at the back of the chamber you find his treasure vault), OPEN
VAULT (it has a combination lock - add the numbers on the keys), DIAL 94 (must be carrying the
small, copper, black and yellow keys).

The door opens to vast treasure.
You have succeeded.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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