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Secret Garden, The (Secret_Garden_hints.txt)

Secret Garden Hints

Hints by J. R. Ormond

In general, examine as many things as possible.

Try throwing things at the plant in the exotic garden, and then think 
about how you could use this.

The mouse maze is a "straight" one which can be mapped with a 
rectangular grid. What makes it harder is that the directions the mouse 
understands are all relative to which way it is facing, which depends on 
the last direction it took. So, assuming that when it enters the maze 
Forward is North, if you tell it to go left, Forward will be West, Right 
will be North and so on.

The bird doesn't like loud noises. To make one, it is useful to remember 
that there is bright sunlight in the garden.

There are four places where you need to use the ladder. Two involve 
trees, one is inside a structure and the fourth is beyond the exotic 

To get the apple without it breaking, read the location description 
carefully and then use an object found nearby.

You can only deal with the hive once you have found a particular object 
in the house. The fountain can wait until later, too.

On the Neptune lawn, examine the ornaments for some important 
information. The resulting actions must be carried out several times. If 
you go wrong, come back later.

Once you have filled the can with water, there are two places to use it 
- one is obvious and must be done, but the other gives you an important 

The lamp needs a battery to make it work. To get the battery to the 
island, use something you found right at the start.

The message that appears like a neon sign is a rather obscure clue. You 
must (a) read it backwards, (b) bear in mind that it was only briefly in 
view, so that you may have misread it anyway.

Examine the rug in the summerhouse for a clue.

The text on the portcullis is important - use it in some nearby 
locations to make progress.

The coloured maze with the creatures is easy to map, but you need to 
decide (a) which of the seven creatures should be left alive, (b) what 
you do about the survivor.

An obvious action in the room with the throne should be repeated.

Once you have left the underground area, the portcullis closes again. To 
get back through it, use an object you found in the maze.

To reach the trapdoor in the summerhouse, you need the ladder. You can 
get it through the maze if you persevere - some of the passages are too 
"windy" to let such a large object through.

Getting off the roof is easy, if you are daring enough.

The message on the notice is meaningless in itself, but the individual 
characters are very important.

Examine the clock for a clue - you need to do something to it to help 
with escaping from the chair.

Try doing something to the bed other than sleeping in it.

The device in the kitchen is a sharpener.

The purpose of the opening/panel is clear when you realise that there is 
an identical one on the floor above.

You can't get up the stairs, so don't try!

You need a very sharp object in the box room.

An important action in the black room needs privacy for completion.

To make sense of the book, take it to a nearby location and read it in a 
special way.

Examine the mirror for an important clue.

Another of the magic words is needed immediately after passing the 

The next location requires two of the magic words to be used together.

Turning the tap has an effect at a distant location (which you may have 
already visited).

The bees will ignore you if you do something that makes you look a 
little more like a bee.

An object you have already used some time ago can be re-used to help you 
stay underwater for longer.

The message you get when you take the eel out of the water is important 
later on.

Make sure you have all the treasures (most of them will need to be in 
the case, which you must carry) and the sword before you kill the 

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