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Epsilon Software [1] info 1995

Funny Risky Evil Escape
Anne Royer, Bertrand Le Roy, Fabien Royer
Atari 400/800
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Garry, Strident



While studying archaeology at U.C.L.A., you spent eight months of each year on an archaeological dig in South America. While studying an archway in the ruins of an ancient temple, you discovered a sphere of incredible density made from an unidentifiable material that you believed was not from Earth.

At one point, you reached out to touch the sphere when it separated into two equal parts, your body dissolved into thin air and your mind was plunged into a universe full of your own fears, fantasies and desires. You must find a way to escape this world of your own thoughts. To do so, you must think without thinking and act without acting.


The initials in the title stand for 'Funny Risky Evil Escape'. The game was designed by Fabien Royer and programmed by Bertrand Le Roy. The graphics are by Anne Royer.

This was originally released as a French game in 1985. It was updated and translated to English in 1995. It was released as a commercial game on 5 disks with 100 full screen images, but there is also a demo version on 2 disks. The demo contains the first two floors of the commercial version.

According to the instructions, 95% of the game can be played with a joystick to select verbs and nouns (or actions and objects), but you can also press Esc and type commands on the keyboard. ROOM gives a description of the room you're in. When you aren't using the keyboard, press the space bar to toggle between text and graphics.

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