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Theseus and the Minotaur

50/50 Club Software, Guild, The info, Zenobi Software info 1986

Anthony Collins info
GAC info, PAW info
Amstrad CPC info, C64/128 info, Spectrum
Myths and legends
Entered by:
Alex, dave, Gunness, Juan, Strident, Sudders



It is said that the great god Zeus gave, as a gift to be sacrificed, a beautiful white bull to King Minos of Crete. However, when Minos saw the bull he tried to conceal it within his own herds. But the gods were not easily fooled and as a punishment made Minos's wife become infatuated with the white bull. From this dreadful union was born the MINOTAUR, a half-man, half-bull creature which fed on human flesh.

Minos employed Daedalus, master craftsman, to construct the Labyrinth, the most complex maze ever devised. To hide his shame, Minos placed the Minotaur in the Labyrinth to wander aimlessly around the maze and hopefully never to be seen by human eyes again.

Meanwhile in Greece, Aegeus the King of Athens, fell in love with a beautiful maiden called Aethra whilst visiting the town of Troezen. However, he had to return to Athens and upon his return he married Medea. Unknown to Aegeus, Aethra bore a son whom she called Theseus.

Theseus grew up to be a strong and popular man and one day Aethra sat beside Theseus and said ... "My son, it is time that you were told your true heritage. You are the son of Aegeus, King of Athens. You must go to Athens and claim your rightful place in his home. Aegeus has hidden a sword and pair of sandals, which you must find as proof of your link with him. Beware, for on your journey you will meet many dangerous villains and ruffians. Go now my son ... go to your father!"


The game is in two parts: the "Journey to Athens and Hades" and "Theseus' adventures on the island of Crete". In part one you must find the sword and the sandals hidden by Aegeus and offer them to him as proof of your birth-right. In part two the main task is to find and kill the Minotaur ... hidden deep within the Labyrinth.

This game was originally sold, as Theseus, by the author in 1986 (source: Adventure Probe issues 01/04, 01/06, 01/10) for both the Amstrad & Spectrum; those versions were created with the GAC.

There was a later, updated ZX Spectrum version produced using the PAW. That formed the basis of the Amstrad CP/M version; also PAWed.

The C64 version was written with GAC.

The game was re-released by Tony's 50/50 Club Software, Zenobi Software & The Guild. (in that order). The later 50/50, Zenobi and Guild ZX Spectrum editions were remakes; produced with the PAW. The planned 1988 release by Automata/Interceptor doesn't seem to have happened.


You may get killed by fighting with the wrong weapon or object. You will need some form of protection such as armour, without which you are almost certain to perish. Should you reach Athens then it will be necessary to make your way to the infernal regions of the "Underworld of Hades" ... There you will find your life-long friend Pirihious. Simply set him free from his capture!!

N.B. .... Use QSAVE and QLOAD to store and retrieve a position to memory but always use SAVE and LOAD to store a more permanent record to tape. Also take good note of the "code" you are given at the end of part one as you will need it to play part two.

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by Juan
by Alex (part 1)
by Alex (part 2)
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