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Corporal Stone

Zenobi Software info 1992

James Taylor
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
Spy/secret agent
Entered by:
Sudders, WhenIWasCruel



The Story So Far ...

"Breep! Breep!", the piercing tones of the phone wake you from your slumber. "Breep! Breep! Clunk!" You fumble for the receiver in the dark and knock it to the floor. Wearily you lean out of bed and reach down for the fallen receiver, before picking it up and placing it to your ear. "Hello Stone, is that you?" ... the voice of your superior officer barks down the phone. "Yes, what do you want?" you reply.
Your superior officer then goes on to relate his tale and to inform you of the task in hand ... It seems that all trace has been lost of the corporal in charge of the special investigation at the new Hexagon Centre in district 4 and that all radio contact with him has ceased. You are instructed to go in there and find out the cause of these problems and, if possible, put them right. The officer informs you that things look a mite dangerous but you are to use your own initiative in order to get the job done. However, if things get too hairy, then you are to get out and seek assistance. He goes on to say that if it was up to him, and him alone, that YOU would not be the one chosen for the mission ... Especially considering your last "mistake" and the problems caused by that. However, the decision to send YOU in was one that had been taken by higher authorities than him.
You realise that this might be the opportunity to clear your name, and jump at the chance to prove yourself. "Yes sir! Thank you sir. I will drive there straight away." you yell down the phone and slam the receiver back on to its stand before leaping to your feet and getting dressed.

Over numerous cups of coffee you pore over the files on the Hexagon Centre and cannot help but wonder at the great number of "strange occurrences" that have been logged in the past couple of months. There was even one old man who had reported seeing some sort of strange alien being outside of the bookmakers on the ground floor of the building - not to mention the sightings of some little "wooden" people in the vicinity of the toy shop. You also wonder what has happened to your colleague and best friend who had been carrying out the investigation, but the recent events are soon washed from your mind by enthusiasm for the task in hand and you push all the worries to the back of your mind and set out on the journey to the Hexagon Centre.

Five hours and one puncture later, you arrive at the impressive building and enter the underground car-park, mindful of the dangers that could well lie ahead of you ...

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