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I Dare You

Adventure Workshop, The info, Guild, The info 1992

Louise Wenlock info
GAC info, PAW info
Amstrad CPC info, C64/128 info, Spectrum
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Alastair, Gunness, Strident



At the local meet of the Birmingham Adventure Players Society you discussed the usual adventure related topics as you always do at these meetings.

"What I would like is to play a REAL adventure!"

Lizzie, your best friend, said, "Really? Well maybe we can fix that!" she smiled, her usual sarcastic grin spread across her face.

"Ya! I believe that when I see it!" you replied.

"My aunt has an old house just outside Birmingham. How do you fancy playing a REAL adventure in that old house? She is away on holiday for a couple of weeks and I'm sure I can put something together for you."

"Oh yeah! I won't be the subject of another of your practical jokes!"

"You coward! You're scared!"

"I'm not!"

"Do it then! I DARE YOU!"

And so the challenge began. Lizzie needed a week to prepare everything and now that week was over!


Came with a demo version of Absolution.

The Spectrum and Amstrad versions were created with PAW. The C64 version was produced with GAC.

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by Dorothy
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User Comments

Sudders (27-07-2017 08:14)

The solution is for the C64 but I am unable to find that such a version existed!

Gunness (27-07-2017 10:44)

Well spotted! In any case the game is only available for one platform, so there's not much point in specifying a platform (Spectrum) in the first place :)

Keetie (29-07-2017 11:16)

There IS a C64 version. Try a GB64 mirror.

pippa (11-08-2017 13:22)

That screenshot of the hallway with the envelope looks like it might from a C64. It's not from a Spectrum anyway.

Alastair (14-08-2017 21:19)

C64 platform reinstated. See the thread in the Classics forum for instructions on how to get the C64 version of the game.