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Ellisnore Diamond, The

Adventure Workshop, The info, River Software 1992

Jack A. Lockerby info
Amstrad CPC info, Atari ST, C64/128 info, Spectrum
Based on literature info, Treasure hunt
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Gunness, Mousey, Strident



During the English Civil War, the priceless Ellisnore Diamond was given to Sir Roger Durwood by King Charles the First as a reward for hiding the king in Carisbrooke Castle. Later, the king was captured and Sir Roger was accused of letting the king's whereabouts be known.

Sir Roger, or Blackbeard as he was more commonly referred to, returned to the village of Moonholm and lived in seclusion, weighed down with guilt and remorse, and despised by all until he died.

However, even after his death he could not rest; for men said that he had hidden the diamond and that, not daring to reclaim it, had let the secret of its whereabouts die with him and that his ghost now stalked the night trying to locate the missing gem. Legend also had it that just prior to his death he had vowed to sell the diamond and spend the proceeds on the poor of the parish ... an act of contrition by a sorrowful and lonely man.

Now you have been summoned to complete Blackbeard's task, thereby releasing the ghost from eternal damnation and providing the poor of the parish with some much needed wealth.


The Spectrum version and later Amstrad CP/M port were written with PAW, whereas the ST version was written with STAC. The C64 version was produced using the Quill.

The Amstrad version was released by The Adventure Workshop.

The game was inspired by the 1898 novel Moonfleet by J. Meade Falkner.

Resources (Upload file)

by Geoff
Map (C64/128)
by nimusi
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