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Murder at the Manor

Gemtime 1983

Allan Morton, Keith Bolam
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Gunness, WhenIWasCruel


In a quiet country manor, a rumour circulates. "The Squire of the Manor has purchased a set of valuable gold coins."

One dark, windy night, as the moon rises slowly into the mist, a figure appears outside the Manor House. Quietly scaling the wall the thief reaches the Squire's bedroom...

The Squire, dosing in an arm chair is disturbed. He sits up alert, but uncertain. From above, sharp taps are heard. He decides to investigate and, grabbing a sharp poker, cautiously ascends the stair.

Meanwhile the thief's attempt to open the safe is a failure. In desperation he searches the room, looking for other valuables. A small notebook is his only find, in which, surprisingly, the safe combination is given. Ripping the page from the book, the safe is opened and robbed.

Opening the door, the Squire spots the thief making towards the window. Pulling him back into the room a fierce fight ensues. However, the Squire, an older man, is soon overpowered and falls to the ground dead.

The murderer now makes good his escape scattering the pieces of notepaper throughout the area to avoid detection.

Next day, the murderer fits back into his usual life style, confident he will never be detected. But unknowingly a vital clue remains in the safe, if only it can be opened...

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User Comments

Exemptus (15-04-2020 13:31)

I enjoyed this adventure, although you need to be very patient and even fastidious to complete it. It is an interesting number with a slight RPG slant and a murder mystery context, but it is very slow and long-winded. Puzzles are soft and easy, and the random elements are offset by the fact that there are several different ways to overcome the different obstacles. It will take several playthroughs before all the side moves and detours are uncovered.